FREE Internet Plan Upgrades + FREE Streaming Device 
Upgrade for $0 and strengthen your connection.

Upgrade your plan in MyGCI

Through May 31, 2020, GCI internet customers can level up to the next plan for free. That means more speed and data for Alaska families. With more people staying home right now, higher speed plans will let more people connect, stream, and download at the same time.

As a reminder, GCI’s No Worries Internet plans do not have surprise overage fees. Even if you use all the high-speed data included in your plan, you stay connected with 10 Mbps for the remainder of your billing cycle. It truly provides a premium internet experience for your entire household, and at the fastest speeds around.

How to get Your Free Upgrade

  1. Log into your account at

  2. Click the UPGRADE button next to your internet plan.

    Note: Customers on your top tier internet plans will not see an upgrade option here. Thanks for being a loyal customer! We didn't forget about you though -- get your free streaming device as a thank you.

  3. Select one plan level higher than your current plan.

    Note: You can upgrade more than one level, but you will only be credited the difference between your current plan and the next level plan available.

  4. Click the UPGRADE NOW button to confirm your selection.

  5. Success! You may enjoy your free upgrade until May 31. The credit will not show up here in MyGCI, but will be applied to an upcoming bill -- you'll only need to pay your current monthly amount. After May 31, you will automatically be reset to your original internet plan level, unless you contact us prior to asking to remain on the upgraded plan.

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UUI Internet Customers qualify for the Free Internet Upgrade promotion. Please call UUI Customer Service at 800-478-2020 to upgrade.

Get a new tablet for $0 down

Need more connection right now? We have you covered. Tablets for $0 down when you have GCI Wireless service.

Free Streaming Device for All GCI Internet Customers

We know streaming is what you need right now and we will deliver to your home.  
Offer applies to residential customers who had an active GCI internet plan as of March 15, 2020. All GCI internet plans are eligible for upgrade, with the exception of the highest level plan available in any given market. Credits for the free upgrade will be applied to customer’s monthly bill in an amount equal to the difference between customer’s current plan and the next highest plan level. Customer’s plan will revert to the original level after May 31, 2020 unless customer calls GCI Customer Service to continue the upgraded plan on a paid basis. Where applicable, customers on the top level Internet plan are eligible to receive an 3 additional usage buckets (AUBs) per month until May 31, 2020. To take advantage of this AUB offer, call or chat with customer service to add an AUB, and customer service will automatically apply a $10 credit to your bill, with no more than 3 per billing cycle until May 31, 2020. Terms and conditions and additional charges and fees may apply.