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GCI TV powered by TiVo is similar to the retail TiVo system, but with GCI you receive options for GCI’s VOD, Pay Per View, free installation and there’s no equipment to buy!

GCI TV powered by TiVo is available in Anchorage, Barrow, Chugiak, Cordova, Eagle River, Eielson AFB, Fairbanks, Fort Wainwright, Girdwood, Homer, JBER, Juneau, Kenai, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Nome, North Pole, Mat-Su, Palmer, Petersburg, Seward, Sitka, Soldotna, Valdez, Wasilla, & Wrangell.

YouTube Videos

TiVo has YouTube videos describing some of the main features of TiVo.  Please note that the videos reference the retail TiVo service, there are some sections which do not apply to GCI TV’s powered by TiVo service. Click on the video title you would like to view.

  • Basic DVR Functions
    • Disregard the section labeled “CableCARD”, your GCI device already contains a CableCARD
  • Advanced DVR Functions
    • Disregard the section labeled “Antenna Friendly”, your GCI TiVo will connect via GCI video network
  • Web Features
    • GCI TV powered by TiVo does not have access to Hulu Plus, or Rhapsody Music Service.  It does have GCI Video On Demand, Pay Per View, and possible access to the Music Channels.
    • Please be aware when using the Web Features described in this short video, you will be connecting to the Internet and using your Internet usage. If you exceed your data usage, additional charges may be incurred.
    • The reference to TiVo.com is a good reference site, however you will not manage your billing account with TiVo, please contact GCI Customer Service if you have account questions.
  • TiVo Stream
    • The TiVo stream is an additional piece of equipment you will need to add to your network. Please contact GCI Customer Service if you would like to add a TiVo Stream to your home network.
    • You will need a Wi-Fi router connected to your TiVo network. The Wi-Fi router allows your iOS device to talk to the TiVo network. When this video referrs to “Shows” it means Television shows, not movies, such GCI VOD.
    • This video is referenced on your iOS device as Tutorial, after completing the TiVo Stream setup.
    • At this time Android devices can not use the TiVo Stream, only iOS smartphone devices currently function with the TiVo Stream.
  • TiVo App iPad
    • A similar app is with same functionality is available for Android devices from the Google Play Store or Amazon for Kindle Fire.

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Common Support articles, issues

You may go to the TiVo (http://support.tivo.com) site to search for additional articles. 

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