Spyware, Adware, and Pop-up ads

Pop-up ads are often delivered by adware and spyware. Spyware tracks your surfing habits and reports them to a mother computer on the Internet, pop-up ads are then supposedly tailored to match your interests.


No single program seems able to catch all of the spyware you may encounter; so running more than one application is recommended. Most computer professionals run Ad-aware by Lavasoft, Spybot Search and Destroy and Google Toolbar Pop-up blocker as an absolute minimum on their computers.

There are several free programs, which can assist with identifying and removing these programs.

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Free Programs

Spyware and Adware:

GCI does not endorse or provide support any of these programs listed, except for GCI Security Guard. This list is for your provided for your convenience.

Ad-aware by Lavasoft

Spybot Search and Destroy

Google ToolBar Pop-up Blocker

Microsoft Anti-Spyware

SpywareGuard located


  • This is a more advance program and is only recommended for more advance users.
  • Click here to download.

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General information concerning all programs

All programs need to be updated. No matter which program(s) you install it is critical you run them. You should run the application and search for updates at least once a week.

Other general information to help protect your computer system.

Anti-Virus: Ensure you are running an anti-virus program

  • Free program
    • AVG Anti-Virus program
  • Purchase programs
    • Norton’s
    • McAfee

Operating System: Ensure you update your computers operating system for windows.

Firewall: It is recommend to use a firewall program

  • Turn on the firewall with in Windows XP
  • Free program
  • Purchase programs

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