Pace Cable Set Box and eSATA Hard Drive

Information about GCI cable set boxes from the vendor Pace, and external SATA drives.


Pace Cable set boxes support adding an external SATA (eSATA) hard drive. You may add an eSATA drive at your expense.

GCI wishes to remind users of this technology, the eSATA hard drive becomes “paired” to GCI’s Pace Cable set box. Due to copyright laws, if the pairing is changed any recorded content is lost.

This information is provided for your convenience; GCI does not provide technical support on this subject.

Pace set box can use an external SATA (eSATA) hard drive.

  • eSATA drive and Pace set box are paired together
  • Content on the eSATA drive can only be viewed on the paired system

All Pace set boxes have a port for eSATA drives

  • Technology used is called Virtual HDD
  • Virtual HDD will record on the drive with the most free space. Customer can not chose where recording will be stored.

Pace set boxes use the eSATA connector not the eSATA I connector

Pace set box must be removed from power when the eSATA drive is connected

  • ‘Hotplug’ (plugging eSATA drive into the set box, without removing set box from power) may corrupt the file system and impact boot times

A new eSATA drive must be formatted the first time it is connected to the set box.


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All DVR boxes, and eSATA devices record material for your viewing convenience. These devices should not be considered permanent storage of recorded material.

  • If you need to change the DVR set box, you will lose content on the internal hard drive
  • Content on an eSATA drive will not be lost with the new set box (the set box and eSATA device are paired)

If you get a new set box, GCI recommends reformatting the eSATA device to pair with the new set box.

  • See steps below (reformatting your eSata device)

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Initial Set Up for a new device

    • If you get a new Pace set Box, you may want to reformat you eSATA Drive for maximum space use
    • Warning, performing these steps will cause all content on the eSATA device will be lost
    • Remove power plug from Pace set Box
    • Connect eSATA device
    • Plug Pace set box back in
    • Plug eSATA device in
    • User will be prompted to format the eSATA Drive (This pairs the systems together)
    • Select Yes to format
  • Format will take between 10 to 30 seconds depending on the size of the eSATA drive

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    • Warning all content on the eSATA device will be lost; This process is a little convoluted; this is intentional to prevent accidental reformatting.
    • Enter the Diagnostics Menu
      • Press power off, followed by pressing the OK/Select button on the front panel of the box or on the remote control
      • Use the Up/Down keys to navigate
    • Select menu item 23 HDD Status
    • Press the Replay button 1 time; followed by the MY DVR 3 times; followed by Live button 1 time
    • Toggle between the internal and external drive by pressing the ok/select button
      • Drive number 2 is the external device (Drive 1 will reformat the internal set box hard drive)
    • Select Full Format
  • You are provided one last escape opportunity
    • Select Proceed

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