MyGCI Profile Account Roles FAQs

What are Account Roles?

When your MyGCI profile is associated with a GCI TV or Telecommunications account, your MyGCI profile has a role in relation to the account. You can be an “Account Owner,” an “Account Admin”, or a “Regular User.”

What is an Account Owner?

If you are an Account Owner, you can edit and invite other profiles to associate with the account, you can “unshare” other profiles from the account, and you can create new profiles that will be associated with the account.

All GCI Accounts associated with MyGCI profiles have an Account Owner. You can be the Account Owner on a GCI Telecommunications Account – which includes Wireless, Internet, Phone and Long Distance – and/or an Account Owner on a GCI TV Account.

If you’re the first to link to a GCI TV Account, then you’re the TV Account Owner. If you’re the first to link to a GCI Telecommunications Account, then you’re the Telecommunications Account Owner. Please note: If you’re under 18, you cannot be a GCI TV account owner. We require you to be at least 18 years old to sign up for GCI TV.

What is an Account Admin?

An Account Admin can do everything an Account Owner can do – except edit an Account Owner’s profile. Account Admins can edit other MyGCI profiles associated with the account and can invite (or unshare) other profiles from the account. Of course, an Account Admin cannot unshare the Account Owner from the account.

What is Regular User?

A Regular User can only perform edits and actions on their profile. They can’t edit or modify any other profiles. And they can’t invite other profiles to associate with the account.

As an example, a child would be mostly likely be assigned a “Regular User” role by their parent when the parent establishes the child’s profile relationship to the account.

Can an Account Owner be transferred from one MyGCI Profile to another?

Yes. The Account Owner can transfer Account Ownership to another MyGCI profile associated with the account. Here’s how:

    1. Click the Edit Permissions link next to the Profile that you want to become the new Account Owner.
    2. Change the Account Role to ‘Account Owner’ and click on ‘Update’.
Account Owner Transfer
  1. You will receive a confirmation message; please read it and click on Continue if you agree to the terms.
  2. The page will reload after the data is processed and your current Profile should now show up as an Admin on this Account. And the new Owner profile will be designated as the Account Owner.

What are some Account Role scenarios?

Here are some scenarios:

  • A mom is the Account Owner for her family’s GCI TV Account and her family’s Telecommunications Account. She invites her husband via email to link to both accounts. She then invites her son and daughter via email to link their pre-existing MyGCI Profiles to their GCI TV Account so the kids can watch GCITV2Go on their favorite devices.
  • A roommate who pays the GCI TV bill invites his roommate to link with the TV Account so he can watch GCITV2Go inside and out of their dwelling.
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