Managing Your MailGuard Folder

Tips and steps to manage the MailGuard folder, while using GCI’s WebMail.


Instructions to manage the MailGuard folder in GCI’s WebMail program.

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Viewing the MailGuard Folder

  1. Log into GCI WebMail, click here for those steps.WebMail Inbox
  2. Click on the MailGuard folder.
    Click on MailGuard
  3. That displays a list of the messages in the MailGuard folder. You may need to scroll down to see all messages in the folder. The number next to the folder indicates the number of unread messages.
  4. If there are messages that you want to keep, you may click and drag that message into your Inbox. If there is an address that is getting stuck in your MailGuard that you WANT to receive, you may add that address to the whitelist – Instructions below.

Unread Content

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Whitelisting and Blacklisting

Whitelist and Blacklist Buttons

GCI has added two buttons to make Whitelisting and Blacklisting easier. The new buttons are on the top menu line. You must be logged into WebMail to use these buttons. Whitelist will place messages into your Inbox. Blacklist will place messages into your MailGuard folder.


1. You can use these buttons from any folder. Once you select an email you can then press the appropriate button (Whitelist or Blacklist) to add the email address to that list.

Single email

2. After press the Whitelist or Blacklist button you will see a success message.

Single Success Msg

3. You may also select multiple messges to add at the same time.

Multipe messsages

4. After pressing the Whitelist or Blacklist button you will also see a success message.

Multiple Success Message

Manually Update Whitelist or Blacklist

If a email address that you approve of is getting in the Mail Guard folder, you can manually add it to the Whitelist or Blacklist. Whitelist will place messages into your Inbox. Blacklist will place messages into your MailGuard folder.

  1. Click on Settings and select Anti-Spam Settings.
  2. Enter any email address that you want to receive into the Whitelist senders box.
  3. Enter any email address that you DON’T want to receive into the Blacklist senders box.

New Lists

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Deleting Messages

There are multiple ways ways messages may be deleted from your email account. They are auto-deletion, single message deletion, list deletion, or group deletion.

A. Auto Deletion

Email messages in the MailGuard folder are automatically deleted after 14 days. You do not need to take any action for this process to occur. This method provides you time to review the MailGuard folder to ensure no false positive messages (email you want) are not removed from your account. If you see a message you wish to keep, simply highlight the message and drag it into your Inbox or other folder for retention.

B. Manual Deletion

If you wish to remove messages from the MailGuard folder you may manually remove a single message or a list of messages or all messages in the folder (group).

Single message deletion

Highlight the message you would like to remove and press the Delete key

List message deletion

  • Highlight the first message in the group,
  • Press down and hold the shift key,
  • Highlight the last message in the group. This action highlights the entire group, and places a check mark next to those messages
  • Press the delete button

List Delete

Group message deletion

Using this method, you select all messages in the MailGuard folder, and then click delete to remove all messages.

  • Select the More button
  • From the drop down menu, highlight Select All
  • Press the Delete button

Select All

Press Delete


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Embedded Images in Messages

Some customers have expressed concern about embedded images in messages, allowing for Spam.  Images are displayed by GCI’s Webmail program by default. To turn off Displaying email images, perform the following steps.

1. Log into your GCI WebMail, click here for those steps.

2. Click on the Settings link.

3. Click on Webmail Settings.

4. Scroll down to Display Email Images.

5. Turn toggle to Off. 

Email Images

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