How do I transfer a DNS to GCI?

First, notify GCI Internet Services regarding your domain hosting transfer request. Contact GCI Internet Services by email at or call 868-0316 in Anchorage or 1-800-800-4800, Statewide.

Your request will then be managed and processed by an Integrated Technical Support Representative. We need to set domain name services on our name servers, and set up up virtual domain hosting on our web server. This process could take up to 7 business days.

AFTER you receive notification that we have set up your GCI domain name hosting, request your name transfer from your Internet registrar. The registrar will request the following information to point name services to your new Internet Domain Host, in this case GCI.

Tech Contact Handle:
Primary DNS:,
Secondary DNS:,

Once the central registry accepts your domain name, your registrar will forward you an acknowledgment of your request.

Finally, request that your previous Domain Host release your domain name. Delay notifying your ISP until all other steps are complete, because there are times where an ISP will release your domain name before InterNic or GCI is domain name services are set up, resulting in a down site.