How do I make a payment?

Auto Bill Pay

Simplify, Sign up for Auto Bill Pay now! Available at

  • Select: New users register here
  • Enter: Your GCI Account Number
  • Enter: The Billing Name on your GCI Account

After your account is authenticated, complete these steps:

    1. Enter:

Your Username in the Login area Enter: Your Password

  1. Select: Submit
  2. Select: Pay Now
  3. Select: Add a check mark in the box next to the account you wish to pay
  4. Enter: the amount you wish to pay in the Payment Amount box
  5. Select: New bank account (and add account information) or
  6. Select: New credit card (and add credit card information)
  7. Select: Payment Date
  8. Select: Ok

Be sure to Select “Ok” just once (or multiple payments may be processed.)


Payment By Phone

(Have a copy of your invoice or account number handy.)

Dial: 265-5400 in Anchorage or 1-800-800-4800 Toll free Nationwide, then follow the prompts to make your payment or hear your balance.

  • Select Prompt: To check balance or pay your bill
  • Select Prompt: To check balance or pay your bill (prompt repeats to break out options)
  • Select Prompt: For Credit Cards
  • Select Prompt: For Checking Account

Follow the prompts to complete your payment or hear your balance.


Your First Bill

Wireless plan, Home phone and internet fees are billed in advance. Your first bill will show a prorated amount for the current month of service and plan fees for the following month.

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