Apple iOS Email Setup

Apple iOS has a stock email application built-in called Mail, which can connect to multiple account types including POP, IMAP, and Exchange. There are some third party applications available for iOS email. GCI only provides support for Mail, as it has the features most customers need.


Steps to set up an IMAP account. This type of account set-up is recommended by GCI, as it leaves a copy of the email message on the server. This allows the message to be downloaded to different locations, such as other devices and a main computer. back to top


1. Tap on the Settings icon.


2. Tap on the menu item of Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

Select Mail, contacts

3. Tap on Add Account.

Add account

4. You will see a list of email accounts types, tap on Other at the bottom of the list.

Select Other

5. If you have an existing account, you will click on Add New Account, again. If you do not have an existing GCI email account, the New Account Screen should appear.

Add Account

6. The New Account Screen will appear,

New Account Screen

6a. Complete the fields as follows:

complete screen

7. Tap Next in the upper right corner, you will then get the detailed account information screen, complete as follows:

Select IMAP

7a. Scroll down and Under Incoming Mail Server, enter the following:

Complete Form

7b. Continue scrolling down and under Outgoing Mail Server, complete the following:

Complete form

8. Tap Next in the upper right corner. System will attempt to connect to your email account and verify your information. This can take several minutes, then will give you an SSL error.

Tap Next

9. On the SSL pop-up, tap Yes

Select yes

10. After about a minute, if you see the same SSL pop-up again. Tap Yes again.

Select yes again

12. You will then see the final Save screen, press Save in the top right corner.

click save

11. If the setup was successful, you will be brought back to the Mail, Contacts, Calendar screen, and you should see your account listed under Accounts.

List with New account

Note: By tapping on Show, you can change the number of email messages allowed.

12. You should now be able to send and receive email from your email account.

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