Activate Remote DVR Scheduling

GCI now has Remote DVR Access that allows customers to schedule and manage DVR recordings on the web and coming soon via apps for the iPhone and Android.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to get started. Note: You will need to obtain a temporary code from each DVR set top box you’ll like to have access to.

If you’ve already set up your account, click here to sign on to the Remote Access interface.

Activate Remote Access from i-Guide

From your TV’s on screen i-Guide:

  1. Press MENU button on your remote twice to access the Main Menu


2. Select DVR menu

3. Choose Remote Access Setup

Remote Access

4. To enable Remote Access, select Begin Setup

Begin set up

5. The guide will show “One Moment Please” while the network obtains your Temporary Code. Write down the code.

Temporary code

Register Your DVR

Next, you need to register the Temporary Code. Set up your online account within 24 hours after generating the code.

1. Click here to access the New User Registration form.

RDVR sign up

2. Enter the following information:

Complete form

3. Press Next

zip code screen

4. Enter your Zip Code (this example uses 99518),

Zip code

5. Click on GCI Cable for you location. This will place a check mark next to that field

cable provider

6. Press Sign Up. This will register your username and password, you now have the option of entering your DVR information.

Temp code

7.  Enter the following:

Temporary code

8. Press Submit.

Note: GCI has seen the final step fail, and is working with the vendor to correct this situation. If it fails you will see a message similar to the one displayed below.  If it fails please continue through the steps to properly register your DVR.


9.  Go to the TV sign in page, by clicking here or going to

sign in page

10. Click Sign In. (Locate on the top left)

sign in

11.  You will see a Sign In page.

sign in

12. Enter the username and password, you created in step X and press Sign In.

13. You will be signed into the i-Guide. Click on the Manage tab.

manage tab

14. You will not see any registered  DVRs, click on Add DVRs.


 15.  You can now add your DVR.


16. Press Add DVR. You will see a tab of My DVR, which indicated your DVR has been successfully added.


Schedule a  Recording

1. Log into your account.

Your Account

2. Click on the program you wish to record from the guide, and click the Record button.

Record Button

3.  Complete the recording options, and press Scheduled Recording.

Record options

4. Your program will record.

Cancel Remote Access

To cancel remote access:

  1. Press MENU twice to access the Main Menu
  2. Select DVR menu
  3. Choose Cancel Service to deactivate  Remote Access for that DVR.
    When Remote Access is deactivated, you will no longer be able to schedule recordings online for this DVR.
    To reactivate the service, follow the steps above to secure a new Temporary Code to re-register.