When your housing gets connected, everyone wins

What is Property-Provided Internet?


Alaska's Fastest Internet.

Nowadays, high-speed internet isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. GCI offers landlords the opportunity to provide you and your multi-dwelling neighbors with 200 Mbps of No Worries service at a discounted rate to them. And if you decide you want to upgrade to a faster speed, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts.


Your own connection.

GCI Property-Provided Internet is NOT a shared Wi-Fi connection. That means each unit receives their own dedicated Wi-Fi modem with no overage charges.


High speeds. Steep discounts.

With GCI Property-Provided Internet you'll never worry about overpaying for additional services and upgrades. Because your landlord is paying for a larger volume of connections, we're able to give you more speed at a lower price.

GCI Property-Provided Internet starts with a fast 200 Mbps connection. But you can upgrade to the speed that fits your needs.

As a resident with GCI's Property-Provided Internet, when you add Yukon TV, you'll receive an exclusive gift of 25,000 Alaska Airline miles!

Not living in a multi-dwelling complex? Explore our No Worries Internet plans ➔

Terms and conditions and additional taxes and fees apply. Every new Yukon TV plan is eligible for 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles each. Maximum of 25,000 miles per customer account. Must provide an active Alaska Airlines Mileage account. Miles will be applied to account after 60 days of continuous service. Allow 90 days for miles to be added to account. Account must remain in good standing. Offer valid for a limited time.