How Big is 1,000 Megabytes?

Most GCI service plans include a substantial amount of included usage. However you may be wondering how far 1,000 Megabytes (MBs) will get you. Similar activities often vary in the amount of usage they generate however we have provided several examples here to help you better understand the relationship between online activities and the amount of usage they may incur.

Use these tools to help estimate your usage:

Each of the activities below would generate 1,000 MB of data transfer*:

  • View over 2,000 web pages
  • Send 100,000 e-mails with no attachments
  • Receive up to 1,000 average quality digital photos
  • Download 250 songs
  • Stream 16 hours of music
  • Watch 5.5 hours of streaming video
  • Download 1.5 standard definition movies

*Individual usage will vary based on device, operating system, length of movies, video format or types of games played.

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