Fair Use Policy

GCI previously offered some cable modem Internet service plans that included “unlimited downloads,” meaning GCI neither billed for nor prevented additional data usage over any defined threshold in a given month. These plans, unlike GCI Dedicated Internet Access Services, were never designed to support continuous high-volume data transfers by individual customers and were always subject to fair and reasonable use of service conditions that are necessary to provide a quality internet experience at affordable rates for all customers.

To maintain the superior quality and performance of GCI networks and ensure the highest level of service performance for all users – which could be disrupted by the usage patterns of a small number of customers – GCI has established data usage thresholds under the Fair Use Policy for all previously “unlimited download” cable modem Internet service plans. Under this policy, GCI has reviewed the monthly usage by service plan and established usage profiles under this Fair Use Policy that far exceed the average usage under each service plan. Usage that exceeds the monthly usage profiles will be considered a violation of this Fair Use Policy.

For a large majority of customers, normal usage activities are not expected to exceed the plan profiles described below:

Grandfathered Plans Usage
Ultimate Xtreme 40,000 MB
Ultimate Xtreme Family 60,000 MB
Ultimate Xtreme Entertainment 80,000 MB
Ultimate Xtreme Power 100,000 MB

Activities that involve extensive high-volume and continuous data transfer might cause your activity to exceed the expected monthly amount. Examples of these activities may include (but are not limited to) extensive use of streaming video and peer-to-peer file sharing programs, or an unsecured wireless signal.

GCI proactively identifies accounts with usage in excess of the plan profile. If your monthly usage exceeds the profile for your plan, GCI will provide the opportunity to upgrade your service plan or discuss how to maintain usage within the profile. GCI reserves the right to terminate service if a mutually agreed resolution cannot be reached.

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