1 GIG red FAQ

Getting 1 GIG red

How do I get 1 Gig re:D?
If you’re a current red Internet customer, you’ll be upgraded to 1 GIG red automatically and at no additional cost when it comes to your area. Not a red customer? Sign up now!
In Anchorage, we launched 1 GIG red in the Rogers Park neighborhood in September 2015. We will be upgrading all remaining Anchorage red customers to 1 GIG red by the end of the year. The transition will be staggered throughout the remainder of the year to help ensure the transition goes smoothly for all our customers.
We will be upgrading other red markets beginning next year, starting with Mat-Su, Juneau and Fairbanks—with more areas to come. And unlike other providers, whose top speeds are only available on a handful of streets, if you’re in a 1 GIG city and you have GCI Internet service, you’ll be able to get 1 GIG red.
Why did GCI launch 1 GIG red in the Rogers Park neighborhood?
When GCI announced our plan to launch 1 GIG red, we created an online contest to let our customers help prioritize which neighborhood would receive 1 GIG red first. We are launching 1 GIG red in Rogers Park because of the amount of interest in 1 GIG from Rogers Park residents.
Are Fairbanks and Juneau still racing to 1 GIG?
Yes! To get your neighborhood in the race to 1 GIG, all you have to do is:
  1. Get the GCI Internet plan that best fits your lifestyle. Call 800-800-4800 or come into any GCI store to sign up.
    If you already have GCI Internet, go to step 2.
  2. Complete the form. This will let us know that you are interested in our 1 GIG red service.
  3. Spread the word to your neighbors. GCI will use the expressions of interest to help prioritize the neighborhoods that will get the new 1 GIG service. Watch for periodic messages letting you know how your neighborhood ranks in the race to get 1 GIG. View the Fairbanks or Juneau map to see the current rankings.
How is a "neighborhood" being defined?
We will use a combination of zip codes and community council districts. This map is the general outline of how we will evaluate customer interest by neighborhood. We will continuously refine the neighborhoods to better capture customer interest and demand. View the Fairbanks or Juneau map.
Will 1 GIG red be available in other cities in Alaska?
We’ve announced that 1 GIG red will be available in Anchorage, Mat-Su, Fairbanks and Juneau. Stay tuned for more announcements.
Can businesses get 1 GIG red?
Yes. Just subscribe to one of GCI’s high-speed business Internet services. Call us at 800-800-7754 and sign up today! Complete the form and we’ll contact you.

Setting up your service

Why do all your red customers need to get new modems?
Our red service is now so fast that our delivered speeds are now outpacing the speed capabilities of home networking devices like certain modems, routers and Ethernet cables, as well as phones, computers, and tablets. GCI is providing every red customer with a brand-new, faster Hitron modem – at no charge. Our other Internet customers do not need to exchange their modems.
What is special about these modems?
These new Hitron 32-channel modems allow for much higher speeds than previous modems. While their technology is complex, they are the equivalent of speeding up traffic by providing a 32-lane highway instead of a smaller road.
How do I set up my new modem?
Please see this support article for information on setting up your new modem.
Do I need a new router?
You might. As network speeds increase, routers and other home networking equipment may need to be updated or replaced. Many existing routers were not designed to support 1 GIG speeds. Routers are available in local electronics stores, from online retailers. GCI will have a limited quantity for sale as well. Here is a list of routers recommended by GCI, but note that GCI does not service, update or maintain customer routers.
  • Asus RT-AC87R Dual-band Wireless AC2400 Gigabit Router
  • Asus RT-AC68R Dual-band Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router
  • Netgear R7500 AC2350 Nighthawk X4 Smart WiFi Router
  • Netgear R6300 AC1750 Smart WiFi Dual-Band Router
  • Netgear R6250 AC1600 Smart WiFi Dual-Band RouterMbps MSRP: $129.99
  • Linksys EA6900 AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Dual-Band Router
  • Apple AirPort Extreme WiFi Dual-Band Router

Maximizing your speed

What are the minimum system requirements for my Internet connection?
To get the most from your 1 GIG plan, your hardware and OS must meet the following minimum requirements:
OS Vista Mac OS X
Processor Intel i5+ 2.5GHZ Intel i5+
Hard Drive SSD SSD
NIC 1000 Base T 1000 Base T
What does "speeds up to" mean?
GCI, like many Internet Service Providers, cannot guarantee that specific speeds will always be achievable. Although GCI provisions your service in their network to provide the maximum speed available with the plan you’ve chosen, a number of factors can affect that speed. Many of these factors are beyond GCI’s control. For example, the type of computer and other hardware you have, the applications running on your computer and even your Ethernet cabling can affect speed. In addition, the websites you visit, the capabilities of third party networks, and congestion on the Internet beyond GCI’s control may affect Internet speeds.
What is the best way to run a speed test?
For best results, use the speed test at speedtest.gci.com. Many other speed test servers are not capable of measuring speeds as fast as 1 Gbps. Connect your computer directly to your modem without using a wireless router. All the connected devices within your home share that modem’s bandwidth and can impact the results. You could also restart your modem and computer prior to the test to ensure nothing is running in the background. For more information on performing a speed test, visit speedtest.gci.com.
How do I maximize my speed on Wi-Fi?
If there is a router between your modem and your computer, the connection speed you experience can often depend on the model and configuration of that router. Certain routers are able to pass data to your computer more quickly than others. For example, wireless routers using the 802.11g protocol are limited to 54 Mbps and, depending on your signal strength, may give you significantly slower connection speeds. Plus there are many variables that impact your wireless signal performance. These may include: microwaves, static electricity, fluorescent lights, windows, wall type and thickness, distance from the device, multiple devices on the same channel. Connecting directly to your modem removes a lot of these variables.
What does "100 times faster" mean?
1 gigabit Internet services like GCI’s 1 GIG red are considered 100 times faster than the average U.S. Internet speed. It’s also 100 times faster than our entry-level No Worries plan.


Will my usage allowance increase when I get 1 GIG red?
Yes! With 1 GIG red, your monthly usage allowance will increase from 600 GB to 750 GB.
Why do you have data usage allowances?
Included usage allowances in our service plans ensure affordable and reliable service for all customers. Most of our available service plans come with a generous monthly usage allowance—and the majority of customers stay well within that allowance. Our No Worries plans offer customers options on how best to monitor their monthly data usage and manage their bill according to their needs.
What are my options when I consume 100% of the high speed data included in my plan?
When you hit 100% of the high speed data included in your No Worries Plan you can:
  • Choose to buy additional high speed data bucket
  • Upgrade to a No Worries plan that best meets your needs
  • Use the internet at a basic level of service (less than 1 Mbps) with no overages
See our No Worries Plans FAQ for more information on usage allowances.

Other questions

What if I am in a contract with the other guys?
No Worries! We’ll buy out your current contract*, and get you hooked up with the fastest and most simple Internet plans in Alaska! Call us at 800-800-4800 and get switched over today.
*Terms & conditions apply.
What do I get when I refer my friends?
GCI likes to reward our customers for referring their friends to us! When you refer a friend to GCI for any NEW service including GCI TV, Internet, or Wireless receive 10,000 Alaska Airlines Miles per referral. See our Refer a Friend form for more details.
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