USTravel was eager to implement a new VoIP system for all of their locations across the U.S. Headquartered in Anchorage and with offices throughout the Pacific Northwest and Iowa, USTravel wanted a reliable, converged and Quality of Service (QoS)-enabled network interconnecting Alaska and all of their Lower 48 locations. The network would also need to support both voice and data applications, bypass tolls and maintain calls between the same network throughout the sites.


GCI provided the answer by combining our statewide network and using our partnership with Sprint in the Lower 48 to interconnect all USTravel locations. Relying on seven Alaska-based sites and seven Lower 48 sites, we implemented a converged voice and data network that prioritized voice traffic while maintaining quality.


Many businesses maintain locations across Alaska and the Lower 48—some running on different connections with different carriers. Learn more about how GCI can make sure business in Alaska stays connected with business in the Lower 48.


Through our technologies and partnerships, we were able to provide USTravel with a seamless voice and data network from Alaska to multiple locations in the Lower 48. Between GCI’s redundant fiber between Anchorage and the Lower 48, as well as a redundant Sprint network and network interfaces, USTravel has had no single point of failure between Alaska and the Lower 48. Plus, the new network allows USTravel to transfer both voice and data on a converged system, eliminating long-distance charges for office-to-office calls.