After being with the same telecommunications provider for more than 20 years, Stanley Auto Alaska was growing at a fast pace and looking for a partner that could deliver a more reliable technology solution to meet their communication needs, allowing them to focus on selling cars.

Stanley had 11 different locations, having been built from three separate sub-companies. Because of this, they were operating with a congested network that experienced constant internet outages and fluctuations in speed and a VoIP phone system that would often fail. To avoid further losses in revenue and administrative costs, Stanley looked to GCI to devise solutions that could work for each of their three businesses, while connecting and improving them at the same time.


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GCI brought an open mind to Stanley’s complex needs and paid extra attention to effectively address their pain points. First, for Stanley’s main business, GCI recommended a separate network through cable modem and T1 connections with GCI’s VoIP Allworx phone system with a MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network to deliver optimal network integration and dependability.

And by designing a separate solution for Stanley’s smaller sites with connectivity to all their Alaskan locations, we were able to distribute the costs accordingly. In addition to the Allworx phone system working flawlessly over our MPLS network, we also began storing Stanley’s server and network for the entire state, saving the company thousands in administrative costs, lost time and lost revenue.


We were able to seamlessly turn on all 11 sites with zero downtime, and our network has proven to be solid since the transition in early 2011. In fact, Stanley Auto Alaska has been so pleased with our solution, that they ordered services for additional sites. Their total network now stands at 16 sites—with more on the way.