Crowley, a U.S.-owned and operated company that provides marine solutions, transportation and logistics, has two business units in Alaska: a marine services division and a fuel transportation, storage and distribution business, CPD Alaska LLC. With no on-site IT personnel, CPD outsources all IT ordering, maintenance and help desk functions. Needing a communications service provider for over 20 CPD business locations, including sites in villages and regional centers, Crowley approached GCI to meet its needs. 


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GCI always works hard to make sure we understand companies’ different business units and how best to support both employees and vendor relationships.
We met with Crowley a number of times before proposing that each CPD business location should have a “one-stop shop” solution, which meant we would provide all possible telecommunication services: voice plans; long distance; internet (including a combination of managed internet connectivity, cable modem/DSL, and wireless IP); wireless; and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) data where needed.

CPD’s internet and MPLS also allows them to tie each of their statewide locations into their Anchorage office for single-location and single-source office management systems. And, perhaps most importantly, GCI Wireless works where our competitors’ services don’t, which means Crowley’s marine services group can now communicate with other ships, barges, the Coast Guard and more.


Compared to what Crowley spent with a variety of different providers, the company’s annual savings have now approached nearly 50 percent—proving that a few small changes can go a long way.