As a home care business with eight employees, Arctic Care Services doesn’t really need a full-time, on-site IT technician. But while consumer-grade software and hardware have suited their needs just fine, they realized that a lack of productivity tools such as shared calendars, shared file storage, unified email, or mobility or VPN options meant that every employee had to physically come into the office to do any work. And because Arctic Care handles medical records, any solution that involved accessing files required full   
HIPAA compliance.


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By moving Arctic Care to GCI’s cloud services, Arctic Care was able to enjoy 24/7/365 local support for all their IT needs. GCI also implemented one of our cloud productivity solutions, which included the Microsoft Office 365 suite, a managed firewall, a cable modem and a managed file server. We then uploaded all of Arctic Care’s electronic files to GCI Cloud and provided on-site training for each employee.


Compared with hiring an outside IT consultant or doing it themselves, Arctic Care saved over $4,000 in the first year alone through using GCI’s services. And having electronic files available in the cloud has allowed their employees to work remotely, as they can now access files from any internet connection or mobile device. The best part: GCI Cloud provides encryption, security, a managed firewall and auditing functions that keep Arctic Care HIPAA compliant.

Lorna Garcia, owner of Arctic Care Services, said, “GCI implemented their Cloud Productivity Pack for us earlier this year and we couldn’t be happier. It’s allowed us to reduce our overall IT costs by 49 percent, while enabling us to use the latest technologies.”