CASE STUDY: ALPS Federal Credit Union


Rather than purchasing their own Centrex phone system, the federally chartered and not-for-profit ALPS Federal Credit Union (ALPS FCU) had been relying on the phone facilities at their telecommunications provider’s office. However, this arrangement proved to be costly on a month-to-month basis and caused undue frustration, because it was highly controlled by their provider. Basic features like voicemail were charged as an added cost for each mailbox user, and ALPS FCU couldn’t make simple changes to their phones for routing and ringing purposes.  


GCI’s experts analyzed the credit union’s requirements and then proposed an Allworx 48x platform to accommodate their need for a more dynamic, efficient system. We further recommended a solution with fewer analog lines and a 10 Channel PRI, which offered the benefit of sparing ALPS FCU from recurring frustration while reducing their monthly costs.


GCI Voice specialists can tailor a system to your business needs. We provide 24/7/365 support and give you the ability to manage your business systems in a way that you see fit—without jumping through hoops in order to change simple features.

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Without hesitation, ALPS FCU made the switch to GCI. Through the purchase of the Allworx platform, ALPS FCU was able to save $800 in monthly charges almost instantly. And with the new platform, they can control their system (including call routing, ringing changes and name changes) and they have inexpensive voicemail for all users. The end result? Another extremely pleased GCI customer.