You’ve got substantial needs.

As the largest telecommunications company in Alaska, GCI owns and operates the most diverse, widest-reaching and redundant fiber network throughout the state—and between Alaska and the continental U.S.

We operate facilities to more than 220 points of presence (POPs) throughout the state and have invested $2.5 billion to bring leading telecommunications services to the state.


What GCI means to you and your customers:

  • We’re Alaska born and bred, serving a breadth of residential, commercial and government customers.
  • We’ve invested over $70 million to deploy mobile voice and data services to over 200 rural villages across Alaska and over $500 million in rural Alaska alone.
  • Our fiber optic network is the most extensive in the state, reaching 6,250 miles. Laid end-to-end, this would wrap around the earth seven times.
  • Our services are connected through company-owned fiber optic, satellite and network facilities to the Lower 48 States—the only one of its kind in Alaska.
  • We’re Alaska’s 10th largest private sector employer with over 1,700 employees.

Since introducing long-distance to Alaskan customers in 1979, we’ve become one of the nation’s largest integrated telecommunication providers because we engage the latest technology and equipment to connect Alaskans to each other and to the rest of the world. We provide unparalleled expertise in the design, construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure and have a proven track record for offering the best hands-on support, even in the most environmentally challenging locations.

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