You’ve got a vision.

For many small business owners, success is more than just business: it’s personal.

And when you have to wear multiple hats day in and day out—boss, salesman and human resources, to name a few—it’s reassuring to know GCI’s Professional Services team is like your very own IT staff. Minus the cost of employing an entire IT staff, of course.

Learn how we’ve partnered with Alaskan businesses, read their case studies.

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Our Solution

Mobility is critical in today’s working world and acutely critical when you’re a small business. That’s why we enthusiastically support the mobility movement with our lineup of Cloud services, so you can connect to your customers and get work done anywhere, from any device. And when it comes to devices, we offer a multitude of small business-friendly Wireless devices and plans on Alaska’s largest wireless network.

Then there’s the Internet; another everyday essential. GCI is proud to offer blazingly fast Internet speeds for less money—in fact, our high-speed Internet service, Business Internet, accommodates a wide range of businesses with plans starting at $39.99 and up to 50 Mbps in select markets (that’s the fastest in the state). We’ll also give you a security solution via Office Guard, an onsite firewall that protects and defends your private network from malicious attacks.

Last but not least, we can help you bring more business through your doors with creative Advertising options through Alaska’s most-watched TV programming. See how we’re helping out other local businesses here.

Case Studies

Rustic Goat
Rustic Goat Image
Rustic Goat
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Rustic Goat is a popular local restaurant specializing in comfort food reimagined.

When Rustic Goat opened its doors in 2014, they were in dire need of a strong broadband connection to keep their point of sales system up and running while making sure customers were also connected.

GCI quickly installed a fast and reliable broadband connection that met the restaurant’s needs, available as soon as their grand opening.

GCI’s Customer Network Control Center (CNCC) further provides Rustic Goat with around the clock, 24/7/365 technical support, ensuring their network is fully functional as well as providing technical solutions that meet the demands of day-to-day restaurant operations.

Florcraft Carpet One
Florcraft Carpet One Image

The Issue

Florcraft Carpet One, a successful flooring company and longtime GCI customer, relied heavily on voice and data communication between its stores. They were dependent on “real-time” inventory to get up-to-date information on what was available and about to come in.

Florcraft also expressed concern about having multiple telecommunication vendors, resulting in inconsistent response times and confusing help desk support.

The company was ready for a partner who could provide dependable voice and data communication between their locations while being a “one-stop shop” to help keep costs low.

The Solution

GCI was called in to help, offering Florcraft a low-cost telecommunication solution to eliminate their need for multiple vendors. A Voice solution was setup to accommodate Florcraft’s needs and High Speed Internet was installed in their Fairbanks and Anchorage locations, successfully aggregating their real-time inventory. In order to keep technology current, and cost-effective, GCI offered annual account reviews of their client’s services for a truly worry-free solution


Patrice Case, CEO of Florcraft Carpet One, reports they couldn’t be happier with their Internet, Voice and Wireless solutions. “We call and it just gets done,” What’s more, our solutions have saved Florcraft thousands in administrative and hard costs. “I never have to wonder if GCI is giving me the best value for my services,” Patrice continues. “With GCI’s frequent account reviews, they always bring me better technology at a lower cost. It’s been nice to grow together with GCI as our technology partner.”

Arctic Care Services
Arctic Care Services Image
Lorna Garcia, Owner

As a small home care business with eight employees, Arctic Care doesn’t really need a full-time, onsite IT technician, so they were running on consumer-grade software and hardware. However, this prevented them from taking advantage of technologies like shared calendars, shared file storage, unified email or mobility or VPN options. Consequently, every employee would have to physically come into the office to do any work. And because Arctic Care handles medical records, any file access required full HIPPA compliance.We were ready to mix things up by moving to a Cloud solution, which would would mean Arctic Care could enjoy 24/7/365 local support for everything IT. We implemented our Cloud Productivity Pack I solution, which included Office 365, a cloud-based Microsoft Office suite, a managed firewall, 22/2 cable modem and a managed file server. We then uploaded all of our client’s electronic files to our Cloud and provided onsite training for each employee.

Compared to hiring an outside IT consultant or doing it themselves, Arctic Care has saved over $4,000 in the first year alone. We estimate they’ll save over $7,000 in the next five years. And by moving electronic files to GCI’s Cloud, our client has mobilized their workforce and allowed employees to work remotely: employees no longer have to drive into the office to work because they can access files from any Internet connection or mobile device. And the best part? Our Cloud’s encryption, security, managed firewall and auditing functions keep Arctic Care HIPPA compliant.

Lorna Garcia, owner of Arctic Care Services states, “GCI implemented their Cloud Productivity Pack for us earlier this year and we couldn’t be happier. It’s allowed us to reduce our overall IT costs by 49%, while enabling us to use the latest technologies.”

Total Interior Furnishings
Total Interior Furnishings Image
Lisa Poulos, Owner

Total Interior Furnishings, a small business in Kodiak providing décor for a wide range of rooms, had Internet with GCI, Local Voice services with another Alaskan provider and Long Distance and Wireless with a national provider. When the new owner took over the business, she consolidated everything in an effort to make things simpler. The problem was, she consolidated with the wrong company. After moving everything to one of our competitors, the owner was shocked at the cost of Total Interiors total bill – not to mention, very disappointed with data speeds.

GCI came on the scene and promptly placed everything on one invoice, all while more than tripling Total Interior Furnishings’ Internet speeds. We were also able to reduce our client’s monthly costs by about $350 or $4,200 a year—which can now be used to grow the business. We’re proud to report the owner has consolidated all services with GCI and still enjoys blazingly fast Internet.

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