Simply Share Plans

Power unlimited number of mobile devices on one plan. Pick the data package that works for you – then buckle up.


Use the Estimator to help you choose the amount of data usage that will be right for everyone on your plan.

How much data do you need?
GB Per Month Cost
1 GB $19.99
3 GB $29.99
4 GB $39.99
6 GB $49.99
8 GB $59.99
12 GB $69.99
Higher Levels available
How much data do you need?
GB Per Month Cost
14 GB $79.99
16 GB $89.99
20 GB $99.99
30 GB $164.99
40 GB $239.99
50 GB $314.99

Data overage rate of $15 per 1GB applies if monthly data plan usage is exceeded. Service terms and conditions apply.Data usage tips:

  • The National Average per device is 1 GB per month (not including time spent on wi-fi networks.)
  • GCI’s Data Estimator tool is available to estimate your monthly usage.
  • Current Mobile phone users:
      • GCI customers may view actual usage on the Usage Viewer.
      • Other mobile customers can view their current provider’s invoices to get actual usage amounts.


Introducing Device Discount

with 2 Year
with Device
Wi-Fi Mobile
Nationwide $19.99 $39.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99
Statewide $14.99 $29.99 $0.00 $7.99 $7.99

Statewide Talk & Text Plans now include Nationwide Long Distance!

Nationwide plans include unlimited talk and text both at home in Alaska and when you travel outside of Alaska.

*Basic phones added to Simply Share plans include unlimited talk, text, and picture messaging, but do not have access to data.
**$20 Device Discount for customers with 0.5 through 8 GB data plans. $25 Device Discount for customers with 10 GB data plans or higher.

Qualify for the $30 Device Discount when you:

1. Use UpgradeNow to finance your new phone with GCI
2. Bring your own device (keep your current phone or pay full retail price)
3. Fulfill your current contract and keep your current phone
4. Pay full retail price for a new phone

Service terms and conditions apply. Data amounts used in excess of selected monthly data plan will be charged $15 per 1GB (includes both data usage overage and Nationwide roaming for Statewide plans). Roaming for Statewide plans is a call from the Lower 49 to AK or to the Lower 49. Roaming occurs when your wireless device uses a transmission site outside of GCI’s network footprint or uses another company’s wireless network. Nationwide roaming on Statewide plans is $0.45 per minute. Directory assistance is $1.50 per call. Areas outside the U.S. require International Roaming as an additional feature. Please contact GCI customer service for more information and to enable International Roaming. The $30 device discount is a limited time offer.



For every Simply Share plan, there is additional TurboZone data included. If you choose the 2GB plan, you will receive a monthly bonus of 4GB data to be used exclusively at TurboZone locations around Alaska. For example buy 2GB of Simply Share data and get 4GB of TurboZone data for a total of 6GB.

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