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Contrary to popular belief, landlines aren’t artifacts of the past—not when you get great features like Speed Calling, Follow Me Call Forwarding, and Continuous Redial. Contact a business specialist today to start designing your solution.

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Growing businesses need voice solutions with higher performance and functionality. Whether you want to purchase a new telephone system or upgrade what you have, our digital phone lines deliver. Not sure what's right for your business? No problem. GCI's Business Specialists are here to help.


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Anonymous Call Rejection

You can reject calls by blocking names and numbers, even if you don’t have Caller ID.

Call Forward

Redirect all incoming calls to another telephone number. 

Follow Me Call Forwarding

Automatically transfer all incoming calls to any other telephone number.

Call Waiting

Get alerted to incoming calls when you’re on the phone.

Caller ID on Call Waiting

See the name and number of an incoming call on your Caller ID unit display while you’re on the line.

Continuous Redial

Save time the next time you get a busy signal. Just hang up and your phone will automatically check the number for up to 30 minutes.

Last Call Return

Automatically redial the last number that called you. (Note: Not all phone numbers work with this feature.)

Multi-Distinctive Ring

When you add up to three additional numbers to a phone line, you can give each number its own distinctive ring.

Speed Calling

Assign one-digit dial codes for numbers or access codes.

Three-Way Calling

Make conference calling with two other parties easy. You can dial both parties at the same time, or add another party to a call in progress.