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Contrary to popular belief, local landlines aren’t artifacts of the past—especially when they let you do things like Speed Calling, Follow Me Call Forwarding and Continuous Redial. In fact, here are our most popular Local phone features. View the instructions in our support section:

First things first, see our instructions on how to set up and use your GCI voicemail.
Anonymous Call Rejection
Even if you don’t have Caller ID, you can still reject calls where the name and number have been blocked.
Call Forward
Redirect all incoming calls to another telephone number. This feature can only be activated or inactivated from your home phone.
Follow Me Call Forwarding
Automatically transfer all incoming calls to any other telephone number. You can activate or inactivate this feature from any phone.
Call Waiting
Be alerted to incoming calls when you’re already on the phone.
Caller ID on Call Waiting
See the name and number of an incoming call on your Caller ID unit display while you’re on the line.
Continuous Redial
Save time the next time you get a busy signal. Simply pick up your phone and dial the number. If you get a busy signal, hang up and your phone will automatically check the number for up to 30 minutes. 
Last Call Return
Automatically redial the last number that called you. (Note: Not all calls work with this feature.) 
Multi-Distinctive Ring
Add up to three additional numbers to a phone line, then give each number a distinctive ring.
Speed Calling
Assign one-digit dial codes for numbers or access codes. 
Three-Way Calling
Have a conference call with two other parties. You have the option to initiate calls to both parties or add another party to an established call.

Long Distance

Business as usual: our Long Distance calling plans keep you connected to your world—wherever that might be.

Best Value
When you add long distance to your business telephone line from GCI, you always get the lowest per minute rate.
Per Minute Plans
Pay only for the minutes you use with no monthly plan fee and extremely competitive rates.
Toll-free Plans
Give your customers, employees and business partners an easy way to reach you from anywhere without any incurred costs.
International Calling Plans
From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, you can reach more than 250 countries worldwide with our competitive international long distance rates.

View GCI’s long distance plans.


Conference Calling

GCI’s Conference Center is here to help with all your conference calling needs.

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