Entertain customers and connect employees.

Early morning, midday, late at night or on the weekends, GCI Business TV aims to be part of your main attraction.

Our competitively priced packages, popular local broadcasts, cable networks and league-specific sports channels can encourage customers to linger just a little longer.

In Your Lobby

With hundreds of channels to choose from, GCI TV helps the wait feel shorter and makes employee breaks more relaxed. We’re happy to recommend programs suitable for your environment, or you can browse our list of channel lineups or check for channel updates to see what’s coming.

In Your Hotel

Guests won’t have to leave the room for top-notch entertainment, thanks to the latest blockbuster releases, wholesome family entertainment or adult programming with Video on Demand free and paid options.

For Your Ears

What do you want your business to sound like? With access to over 45 music channels from artists around the world, Music Choice is royalty free and doesn’t require any additional licensing fees to play in common areas, elevators and on hold.

We also offer an entire range of solutions perfect for properties with multiple rooms, like medical facilities, schools, health clubs and more.

Get GCI TV for your business

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