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Support your organization with project-based services that deliver dependable and innovative technology and communications solutions.

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Understand the state of your network, identify the root of performance or security issues, and receive a fully documented assessment that includes recommendations for remediation or enhancement of network environments.

  • Create a Baseline: Planning begins with identifying current configurations, potential network bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and security vulnerabilities.
  • Test Capacity: Understand your network's performance thresholds and capacity with utilization testing of endpoints and key data flows.
  • End-to-End Analysis: Document and test all network infrastructure and connections to determine whether the current status is good, acceptable, or poor.
  • Actionable Plan: Receive a record of your network configuration, performance, and key data flows, along with a summary of recommendations ranked by criticality.

Customize our services based on your requirements, from day-to-day IT support to strategic planning and lifecycle management. Through a host of available IT and managed technology solutions and services, GCI has the qualifications to serve any project location or size, providing communication support that few others can. Our professional engineers and technicians offer dependable and innovative services that support the ever-changing technology and communication landscape.

Services available through GCI’s Managed IT Services capacity include:

  • Network Planning and Implementation
  • IoT Review
  • Data Center Migration
  • Desktop Refresh
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Cloud Migration
  • Virtual CPE
  • Private LTE
  • Containerized Network Applications

Receive reliable access to communications technology from anywhere, with comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction services. From FANs to WANs, GCI can design, develop, and operate custom solutions to support remote operations, distributed networks, and industrial applications.

  • Unified Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC): Allow our team of project managers, engineers, and technicians to manage the communications lifecycle from design through ongoing management.
  • Front-End Engineering and Design (F.E.E.D.): For industrial projects, F.E.E.D. is critical to successful, safe, on-time, and on-budget service delivery. Services include path and coverage studies, feasibility and appraisal estimates, FCC frequency coordination, engineering and design drafting, project management, and materials procurement.
  • Exploration Support: Unique communications support that helps businesses succeed in remote, undeveloped areas. Services include providing remote communication shelters, temporary tower construction, two-way journey management, satellite deployment, and meshed WiFi.
  • Safety First: Have confidence in our team's safety-first approach as evidenced by more than 3.2 million hours without a lost time accident (LTA).
  • Purposeful Technology: Deploy the most appropriate technology for your requirements, from fixed wireless, satellite, and fiber networks to SCADA systems, VHF radios, and communication shelters.

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