With GCI Complete 180°, your business will experience:

  • RISK FREE * internet for 180 days, starting at $59.99
  • Ultra-fast and reliable connectivity – unmatchable performance
  • More data than you’ll ever use with NO SURPRISE CHARGES!

Make the Turn!

*No term contract required. Six (6) month trial period. Business pays for monthly plan cost and associated taxes/ fees. During the trial period, business will not be charged for additional data usage (if any) exceeding the internet plan’s allowance. At 90 and 180 days of the trial period, GCI will review data usage incurred. If data usage exceeds the existing plan’s allowance, business agrees to upgrade to a plan that best meets their data usage needs. Business will have access to GCI Usage Viewer and can review their account’s data usage at any time. If not satisfied with broadband performance after 180 days, or data usage exceeds our highest internet plan available, business can do a complete 180 back to its previous provider.

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