Cloud Storage

GCI’s Cloud Storage gives your business additional off-site storage capacity without needing to purchase and maintain your own Storage Area Network, or SAN. It acts as an extension to your existing Local Area Network, or LAN, by integrating existing private MPLS or Metro Ethernet connections with no additional installations required. And a big bonus: Our Cloud Storage is used as an off-site backup of your existing data, minimizing downtime due to outages.


  • Direct SAN to SAN replication (Netapp users)
  • Replicate VM snapshots directly
  • Optional geographic backup
  • MPLS or Metro Ethernet integration
  • Initial data upload, or data download can be done via USB drive locally in Anchorage

Geographic backup takes the data that your store in the GCI Cloud and replicates it to a diverse location in the L48. This gives you an additional layer of security in the event of a major earthquake or natural disaster, with the ability to access your data from any Internet connection.

Cloud Storage/Geographic Backup

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