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What is Cloud Storage?
Cloud storage is networked disk space accessible over an Internet, MPLS or Metro Ethernet connection. We assign storage space per customer and integrate it with your local network, making the drive appear like any other network resource.
What are Virtual Machines?
A Virtual Machine (VM) is an isolated piece of software on a hardware platform that’s assigned computer resources (CPU, RAM, Disk). The VM runs its own operating system and applications as if it were a physical computer. Virtualizing servers allows IT administrators to use the same base hardware for multiple computers or customers.
How can I be sure my data is secure in the Cloud?
GCI includes a virtual firewall in each Productivity Pack to secure your data from malicious attacks. In addition, all customer data is virtually segmented at both the network and application layers. For businesses that have existing firewalls and security policies, we can integrate our Cloud with your MPLS, Metro Ethernet or IPsec networks, creating a completely private Cloud. This allows your Cloud environment to exist on the same LAN as your users.
Can I move my applications from my current virtualized environment or Cloud provider to GCI?
Yes. The GCI Cloud infrastructure is built on industry-leading technology from VMware, Netapp and Cisco. We can take a snapshot of your existing virtual machines and run them in our Cloud environment, so you don’t have to maintain server hardware or a SAN.
What Operating Systems does GCI Cloud support?
The GCI Cloud supports Windows or Linux. As a Microsoft Service Provider Partner, GCI can provide your Microsoft licenses as a monthly cost in addition to your Cloud infrastructure.
What applications can run in the Cloud?
Most applications will run in a Cloud/virtual environment. Check with your application vendor to determine if your specific application is supported in a virtual server. Applications best suited for Cloud computing include:

  • Web servers
  • File servers
  • Email (Microsoft Exchange)
  • Collaboration software (Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Backup / Disaster recovery
What level of support does GCI provide for Cloud?
The Service-level agreement, or SLA, is tied to the connectivity you’re utilizing to access GCI Cloud. We offer up to 99.95% uptime to the Cloud.
What types of Service Level Agreements (SLA) are available?
We provide 24/7/365 support for each Cloud product and network connection. If you need support for specific applications, GCI can provide that through our Alaska-based Professional Services group at a time and materials rate.
Why should I use GCI Cloud over other providers?
GCI Cloud is based in Alaska, which means no added latency, or wait time, when transferring your data to and from the lower 48. By going with a local Cloud provider, you alleviate having to deal with technical support in another time zone. We can provide a complete end-to-end solution from connectivity, virtual machines, storage and software, as well as total implementation support 24/7/365.If you’re an current GCI MPLS or Metro Ethernet customer, we can fully integrate the Cloud with your existing network. Most Cloud providers are only accessible over the Internet, forcing your users to compete for bandwidth with things like YouTube, Netflix and Internet radio. GCI can seamlessly incorporate your private WAN, making the Cloud look like any other local server.
Do I have to buy the Cloud Productivity Pack?
No. All applications in the Productivity Pack can be purchased individually.
What are the benefits of the Productivity Pack vs. buying individually?
The Productivity Pack is a turnkey IT solution designed to meet most small business needs. By going with the package option, customers can save up to 74% over purchasing items individually.
Why would I choose GCI’s Cloud Productivity Pack when I operate just fine with the Internet, Microsoft Office and/or Hotmail or Gmail?
GCI offers a complete integrated IT solution with a single point of contact for escalations and technical support. Partnering with a local, single provider simplifies your IT and allows you to focus on growing your business rather than dealing with different technology providers and services.
Does GCI back up my Cloud Server?
GCI performs a periodic local back up of all customer data. For an additional cost, GCI will back up your data to a geographically diverse lower 48 data center.
Is there a cost for data being transferred to and from the Cloud?  What about a cost to migrate my data to the Cloud?
Unlike other Cloud providers, there’s no charge for transfers in and out of the Cloud environment. Simply utilize your GCI Internet, MPLS or Metro Ethernet connection and all data transfers are free (excluding secondary usage charges, i.e., Cable Modem and cellular data). For large, one-time data transfers, like initial upload/download of all data, we allow customers to connect directly to our data center network and upload their data locally.
What’s included in the support for GCI Cloud services?
The following support services are included with every GCI Cloud product:

  • 24/7/365 technical support via our Alaska based Customer Network Control Center (CNCC)
  • E-Health reporting of utilization and availability
  • Local upload or download of data directly at our data center facility

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