Coverage for you and your customers

Put Alaska’s widest-reaching network at your disposal. 

GCI operates more than 220 points of presence throughout the state, bringing data and voice to residential, business, and government customers—across the most challenging of locations and conditions. For wholesale, we offer complete telecommunications solutions, along with the engineers and technicians who manage them. Backed by 24/7/365 support from our Business Technical Support (BTS), our solutions include:

• Private data lines
• Ethernet service
• Wireless voice and data
• Switched voice
• Terrestrial and satellite networks

GCI’s expertise in the design, construction, and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure since 1979 includes:
• More than $2.5 billion in network and communications investments to date, making GCI one of the nation’s largest providers.
• A fiber optic network that spans 6,250 miles, the largest in the state by far.
• Connections to the continental U.S. via company-owned and operated fiber optic, satellite, and network facilities.
• More $500 million of investment in rural Alaska alone, with mobile voice and data services that reach hundreds of communities and remote locations throughout the state.