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We’ll help you interconnect to all of your locations—and your associates—to make sure there’s no single point of failure between our Alaska network and the rest of the world. With the fastest, most secure Internet speeds in the state and a seamless voice and data network, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to work smarter, deliver first-class service and increase overall customer satisfaction. Technology has to travel at warp speeds and so does GCI. Let us keep you in constant connection to the world around you.

Case Studies

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The Issue

USTravel was eager to implement a new VoIP system for all of their Alaska, Washington and Iowa locations. Headquartered in Anchorage and with offices throughout the Pacific Northwest, USTravel wanted a reliable, converged and quality of service (QoS) enabled network interconnecting Alaska and all of their Lower 48 locations. The network would also need to support both voice and data applications, bypass tolls and maintain calls between the same network throughout the sites.

The Solution

GCI had the answer. We engaged our statewide AdvantageIP network and our partnership with Sprint in the Lower 48 to interconnect all of our client’s locations. Relying on seven Alaska-based sites and seven Lower 48 sites, we implemented a converged voice and data network that prioritized voice traffic while maintaining quality.


By embracing our relationship with Sprint, we were able to provide USTravel with a seamless voice and data network from Alaska to Washington and Iowa. With redundant fiber between Anchorage, Portland and Seattle to a redundant Sprint network and network interfaces, USTravel has had no single point of failure between our Alaska network and the continental US. Plus, the new network allows USTravel to transfer both voice and data on a converged system, eliminating long distance charges for office-to-office calls.

CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation (CATC)
CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation (CATC) Image
Paul Landis, COO
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The Issue

Much to their dismay, CIRI Alaska Tourism’s (CATC) operation was experiencing frequent outages with their telecommunications provider. Their provider’s last mile, or the final leg of the network that delivers connectivity to customers, relied on copper facilities and would often fail, causing CATC’s site to lose all Internet and data connectivity. During outages, CATC couldn’t process credit card transactions or provide wireless Internet to their guests. They also had no backup connectivity to rely on during outages. CATC needed our help.

The Solution

To reroute traffic in the event of network outages, GCI installed a custom iDirect satellite dish onsite. When an outage on CATC’s primary circuit does occur, we automatically reroute data to their satellite, causing little to no disruption in service. We also decided to extend a microwave circuit to their site, completely bypassing any copper connectivity.


Since installing our client’s satellite backup, CATC hasn’t experienced any loss of service. And thanks to our microwave circuit, they now have the flexibility to increase or decrease bandwidth depending on need. Now that’s good for business.

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