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You know what they say: time is money.

And in the ever-evolving financial sector, you need the framework to handle just about anything. When you’re looking for a high level of accountability in both service and support, GCI rises to the challenge. We deliver a network that’s not only high performing, but can easily be expanded to connect new locations and serve your day-to-day business operations and operational requirements. We won’t only help your business save money, we’ll do it a way that’s respectful to your bottom line.


Northrim Bank
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Northrim Bank, IT Team
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The Issue

Northrim Bank strives to be Alaska’s most trusted financial institution. In order to truly meet that goal, they needed to enhance the performance, reliability, scalability and security of their network.

In 2009, Northrim asked its then-provider—in conjunction with GCI—to design and quote a solution to replace its legacy network. From the get-go, the contrast between providers was obvious.

The Solution

The project scope was complex and ambitious: in less than a year, GCI helped Northrim replace its old copper-based, frame-relay circuits with a VPLS Network running over high-speed, low-latency fiber. As with all technically intricate projects, there were unforeseen challenges—things like size limitations, facilities, permitting and licensing – yet GCI efficiently worked through each obstacle to execute a flawless implementation.

Near the end of the network upgrade, Northrim faced a new challenge: they needed to upgrade their aging Local Area Network (LAN) and servers. However, their corporate office’s existing data center facility had insufficient power, physical security and space. When GCI caught wind, a creative and cost-effective hosting solution was proposed. Four months later, during a ten-hour maintenance window on a Saturday night, Northrim migrated their primary data center into GCI’s co-located Data Center. The next morning, all systems were fast and stable. The migration was hiccup-free for both bank customers and employees.


Since 2010, Northrim Bank has been happily running across GCI’s network from Fairbanks to Bellevue, Wash., as well as out of their co-located Data Center in Anchorage and our Data Center in Fairbanks. Northrim has seamlessly weathered hundreds of major network outages, thanks to GCI’s well-designed network—including the corporate office losing power due to a “perfect storm” of events in 2012.

GCI’s business solutions were timelier, cost-effective and better tailored to the bank’s needs.

For GCI, there’s no challenge too big or too small.


ALPS Federal Credit Union
ALPS Federal Credit Union Image

The Issue

Federally-charted and not-for-profit ALPS Federal Credit Union (ALPS FCU) was relying on another local provider for their Centrex phone system.  ALPS FCU was essentially using the phone facilities at their telecommunications provider’s office so they didn’t have to purchase their own. However, this was both cumbersome and highly controlled by their provider, causing undue frustration to ALPS FCU. Not only was it costly on a month-to-month basis, it wasn’t really working that well: our client was unable to make simple changes to their phones for routing and ringing purposes and basic features like voicemail were an added cost for each mailbox user.

The Solution

Enter GCI’s Voice platform experts. We promptly analyzed ALPS FCU’s requirements and proposed an Allworx 48x platform to accommodate our client’s need for a more dynamic, efficient system, paired with a recommendation for fewer analog lines and a 10 Channel PRI. Not only would these products spare ALPS FCU their recurring frustration, they would also reduce their monthly costs.


Without hesitation, ALPS FCU removed their Centrex phone system and made the switch to GCI. They purchased an Allworx 48x platform from us and started saving $800 in monthly charges almost instantly. The Allworx platform also gives our client the ability to manage their own system, including call routing, ringing changes and name changes, and provides them with inexpensive voicemail for all users. The end result? Another extremely pleased GCI customer.

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