Earn money while gaining real-world experience in cutting edge technology.

GCI Internship Program

January 1, 2017

Why Should I Apply? 

  • Gain real-world experience working with trained professionals.
  • Get exposure to cutting edge technology.
  • Build valuable professional relationships that will further your career.
  • Get your foot in the door as a future candidate for entry and mid-level positions with GCI. Sample positions include: Wireless Engineers, CISCO Network Engineers, IT related positions, Accounting.

Application Information

  • Spring Internships accepted: Nov 1  - Dec 31
  • Summer Internships accepted: Feb 15 - Apr 30
  • Fall Internships accepted: Jul 15  - Aug 31


What positions are available?
For a full listing of available Internships, go to gci.com/careers

How long is the Internship?
Internships are held on a trimester basis and the typical duration is six to ten weeks.

Do I get paid?
Yes! Internships are paid positions, with salary based upon experience and education. 

Where are Internships located? 
Internships are office-based and located in the Anchorage area.