Through Alaska Plan investment, GCI is helping Alaskans bridge the digital divide

GCI is committed to keeping Alaskans connected. Federal funding from the Alaska Plan helps GCI invest in the technology and infrastructure necessary to connect some of the smallest and most-remote communities in the nation. The Alaska Plan, approved in August 2016, secured federal funding through 2026 to support wireless and internet service upgrades. GCI receives a portion of that funding. Because of the Alaska Plan, Alaska telecommunications companies have been able to improve and expand service in more than 120 rural Alaska communities.

We are bridging the digital divide

As technology evolves, access to reliable connectivity is more crucial than ever – especially for those who live in remote communities. Through GCI’s Alaska Plan projects, more Alaskans can stay connected in their homes and on-the-go with wireless devices. In addition to expanding entertainment options, increased connectivity enables Alaskans to grow small business opportunities, access online government services, and keep in touch with friends and family.

More than 115,300 rural Alaskans are enjoying faster internet speeds and improved broadband access

From Brevig Mission to Buckland and beyond, GCI has improved or expanded service in 121 Alaska communities. In some cases, GCI has even brought connectivity to communities for the first time. Through an innovative combination of fiber, microwave, and satellite technology, GCI delivers an ever-improving level of service in many places other companies couldn’t (or wouldn’t) even consider building.

Connecting Alaska is a collaborative effort

While GCI is a key provider of wireless and wireline services throughout rural Alaska, we can’t do it alone. With the leadership of the Alaska Telecom Association, support from Alaska’s federal delegation and the dedication of 12 other providers across the state, keeping Alaskans connected is a group effort requiring innovative solutions to serve a state unlike any other. Through that collaboration, it’s our goal to be good stewards of Alaska Plan funding and investment so we are able to expand broadband access and better connect rural Alaska. 
GCI is working to close the digital divide with help from the Alaska Plan.