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Alaska Born and Raised

GCI, Alaska’s first technology startup, has been a trailblazer since its 1979 inception. Company founder Ron Duncan partnered with Bob Walp to create a long-distance phone service provider that gave Alaskans more affordable options to communicate across the country. At that time, long-distance phone calls cost Alaskans $1 per minute. GCI pioneered DAMA satellite communication to deliver in-state long distance, and introduced competitive facilities-based local phone service, saving Alaskans millions of dollars with this new technology.

Ron and Bob recognized the disparities in communications across our great state, and saw the need and potential for connecting Alaskans. From here, their vision expanded to include building a statewide communications infrastructure, and what began as a local long-distance phone company, grew to become Alaska’s communications backbone.

More than forty years and $3 billion in investments later, GCI is the most comprehensive communications network in the state, employing 2,000 Alaskans and providing superior telecom services, even to the most remote regions. We’ve partnered with businesses and organizations of all sizes, in a broad spectrum of categories, helping them fulfill their potential and reach even greater goals.

We continue to innovate and expand an extraordinary Alaska network, dedicated to our neighbors and customers and to meeting their growing needs, while developing our business in Alaska and the lower 49.



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GCI Founder Ron Duncan


Your Partner in Possibilities®

At GCI, we are more than just your service provider—we are your partner, and partners work together to achieve success. Our extensive experience in Alaska’s challenging landscapes ensures fast response and effective consultation from our statewide network of experts.

Identify the most appropriate technology to power your organization, with a team who is ready to create new capabilities for your business, fine-tune operations, or simply ease overhead. No matter your goals, we will develop solutions to help you meet them.

"Great companies want to work with great companies."

Bradley Brown, VP of IT,

GCI Partner--Crowley

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Alaska's technology partner

Connecting Communities through Technology

GCI's TERRA network provides connectivity to some of the most remote regions in Alaska, delivering access to healthcare, educational resources, and services to more than 45,000 Alaskans.

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Commitment to excellence

Explore How We’re Making Alaska’s Potential a Reality

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Providing Internet connectivity to remote and rural regions of Alaska was no small feat, but we never let subzero temperatures or other environmental challenges stop us.

More mobility

We own and operate the largest and most advanced mobile network in Alaska, covering 97% of Alaskans.

More Partners

Our team of best-in-class technology experts provides consulting, support, and solutions tailored to your organizational needs.

More Innovation

We have invested billions in infrastructure and upgrades to provide the cutting-edge technology our customers require to be successful.

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