Enjoy this new piece of art by V Rae, titled Yer Tern, commissioned by GCI to share with our business customers.

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Artist V.Rae with Russ the walrus

V Rae chronicles natural life through bold portraits that share her seamless blend of art, nature, and individual personality. Like humpback whales, she migrates between Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii each year, painting from platforms frequented by her subjects. Her popularity extends outside of Alaska, where a rapidly growing body of V Rae Freestyle Expressions are featured in zoos, aquariums, national parks, and galleries across the U.S. Each year, a portion of V's work is dedicated to wildlife preservation efforts that protect and sustain the natural tension between subsistence and conservation unique to Alaska and Hawaii.


GCI and V share a common interest in giving back to our local Alaska community. Non-profit organizations mutually close to our hearts: the Alaska Zoo, the Alaska SeaLife Center, and Alaska Cares.


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