FastPhone Plans & Features

GCI FastPhone

International texting to over 200 countries now included in plans $40 or over!

30 Day Plans

$25 $40 $50 $65
Alaska Minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
U.S. Minutes $0.20/min Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Roaming in U.S. Minutes $0.35/min Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Text Messages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Add-on 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB

Nationwide FastPhone plans $40 and higher include calling to the American Territories, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Guam.

Add On Data

$10 $20 $30
1 GB 3 GB 5 GB

Data can be added to any above plan. Data Add-Ons don't expire for one year!

Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Forwarding & Call Waiting included on all plans. Nationwide long distance is $0.20 per minute (no charge on Nationwide plans). Long distance is a call from AK to the Lower 49. Nationwide roaming voice is $0.35 per minute (no charge on Nationwide plans). Additional National SMS texts are $0.20 each (no charge on Unlimited SMS plans). International SMS texts are included in plans $40 and higher and are $0.25 each in all other plans. Additional data is $0.01 per 5KB. Directory assistance is $1.50 per call. Plans are valid for 30 days from the date of activation.

FastPhone is not currently available in the following communities: Dutch Harbor, Adak, Akutan, and Sand Point.


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