LTE Speed Comparison

Data speeds are dramatically faster on LTE wireless networks.  With LTE, you will experience wireless download speeds similar to online internet browsing speeds.

Average LTE data rates offer GCI wireless customers a mobile browsing experience comparable to customers’ current, typical online internet experience.


This is a lot faster than HSPA, also known as 3G, which typically provides users with download speeds of around 800 kbps under similar conditions.

  • 2.5G; EDGE (120 kbps average download)
  • 3G; HSPA (800 kbps average download)
  • 4G; HSPA+ (2Mbps average download)
  • 4G LTE; LTE (5-12 Mbps average download)


GCI TurboZone provides even faster wireless data speeds for GCI customers on qualifying wireless data plans via very high speed Wi-Fi locations. These locations can be found throughout Alaska in places such as restaurants, coffee shops, sports arenas, airports, shopping malls, and other public areas. Learn more about blazinglly fast TurboZone speed.