LTE Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a new data plan?

If you are currently on a GCI tiered data plan, you do not need a new plan to experience LTE.   In an effort to keep processes as simple as possible, LTE has been built into all of the existing data plans.


Will GCI customers get LTE speeds when roaming?

Not yet. GCI’s existing roaming service throughout the L49 includes voice, messaging (text, and MMS), and includes EDGE data services.  GCI is close to getting UMTS (HSPA/HSPA+) roaming service, although this will not be available till early 2013.  GCI is also working towards getting LTE roaming agreements, which may come online mid- to late 2013.


Will my current wireless phone get LTE speeds?

In order to experience LTE speeds, you will need to upgrade to a new LTE compatible handset.


Will my existing SIM card work with LTE coverage?

To experience LTE speeds, you will need to have one of GCI’s 4G LTE SIM cards.