Alaskan Programming

Channel 1 is a service of GCI TV providing locally-produced sports, programs of Native Alaskan interest, and special events coverage for cable subscribers in Alaska.

Programs include  UAA games, Alaska Aces games, Iditarod coverage,  and community events.
Some of these events are also available in archived online streaming video.

Upcoming Events

Highlighted programs, not a complete list of programming.

Thursday, October 1
12:00 pm Navaho Joe
2:00 pm Reservoir Dogs
4:00 pm Dear Mr. Gacy
7:00 pm UAA Seawolves Women's Volleyball
Friday, October 2
12:00 pm The Curse of the Inferno
2:00 pm The Importance of Being Earnest
4:00 pm Shampoo
7:00 pm Iditarod 2009
Saturday, October 3
12:00 pm Everybody Wins
2:00 pm Blow Out
4:00 pm The Silence of the Lambs
7:00 pm UAA Seawolves Women's Volleyball
Sunday, October 4
8:30 am Frontiers
9:00 am UAA Volleyball vs. St. Martin's Replay of 10/03 game
2:00 pm In the Heat of the Night
3:00 pm In the Heat of the Night
4:00 pm In the Heat of the Night
5:00 pm In the Heat of the Night
6:00 pm Stargate SG-1
7:00 pm UAF Hockey vs. Mount Royal Univ. Same day delay
Monday, October 5
8:00 am Miracle Mile
10:00 am Everytime we say goodbye
12:00 pm End of the Affair
2:00 pm 13 Conversations About One Thing
4:00 pm The Boost
6:00 pm Frontiers
6:30 pm Frontiers
8:00 pm Two Weeks
Tuesday, October 6
8:00 am Small Sacrifices
12:00 pm There Goes My Baby
2:00 pm Crusoe
4:00 pm The Sea Wolf
6:00 pm Breaker Morant
8:30 pm Football Town: Barrow, Alaska
9:00 pm Dangerous Waters
10:00 pm Dangerous Waters
Wednesday, October 7
8:00 am Leona Helmsley: The Queen of Mean
10:00 am Beverly Hills Madam
12:00 pm Blood Vows: The Story of a Mafia Wife
2:00 pm The Unforgiven
4:00 pm The Quick and the Dead
6:00 pm Another Man, Another Choice
8:30 pm Comes a Horseman
Thursday, October 8
8:30 am Man of La Mancha
11:00 am The Honey Pot
2:00 pm Celestine Prophecy
4:00 pm Lady Bugs
6:00 pm On Edge
8:00 pm The Couch Trip
Friday, October 9
7:00 am Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell
9:30 am Wicked Dreams of Paula Shultz
12:00 pm Bunny O'Hare
2:00 pm Ruby
5:00 pm Kendall Hockey Classic Live - UAF v Saint Cloud State
8:00 pm Kendall Hockey Classic UAA vs. Arizona State

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