Visual Voicemail App- Android

Visual voicemail stores voicemail messages in audio files and allows you to playback messages from a visual interface on your GSM Android phone.


Visual voicemail allows you to view and listen to your voicemail messages without the need to dial into the GCI’s GSM voicemail system. Visual voicemail requires a data connection. Data used with Visual Voicemail will count against your data allowance. Visual voicemail with an Android phone does work with a Wi-Fi connection. Visual Voicemail with Android devices does require a download app, which can be found here.

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Listening to Messages

Please remember, using Visual Voicemail will count against your data usage.

1. Android home screen shows you have received a voicemail notification in the top left corner.

 VVM notification

2. Tap on your GCI Visual Voicemail icon (GCI VVM).

GCI icon

3. Tap the message to select and listen to the message.

  • Message details displays with various options

Tap Message

4. Tap the play button (arrow) to play and listen to the message.

Tap Play

  • Message plays while displaying  progress in a message progress bar

Progess Bar

5. As soon as the message finishes playing it is moved from the Unread box to the Read box.

No New Messages

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Deleting Messages

1. Tap the Read Inbox, the 2nd icon at the bottom of the screen to view message in the Read folder.

Read Folder

2. Tap the message to view Message Details.

Tap Message

3. Tap the Trash Can icon to delete the voicemail message.

Press Delete (Trashcan)

  • Warning displays: “This message will be permanently deleted.”

4. Tap Delete to delete the message, or tap Cancel to cancel deletion and keep the voicemail message.

Press Delete or Cancel

5. That will briefly display a “Message deleted.” notice, then once all messages are deleted the Read Inbox displays “No messages”.

Delete Confirmed

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 Calling from within Visual Voicemail

1. Tap the message to view the Message Options.

2. Tap the Phone Icon while in the Message Options.

Tap Phone

  • Dial screen displays with phone number

3. Press green call button to begin call.

Tap Phone icon

4. When call connects, call in progress screen displays.

Call in Progress

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Emailing from within Visual Voicemail

1. During or after playback of message, tap More Options.

 More Options

  • Options display

2. Tap Send an e-mail.

Tap Send Email

  • Email Options display

3. Tap to choose an Email Application.

  • Options will depend on email programs installed

Select Email Account

 4. Complete all desired / required fields.

5. Tap Send icon to send.

Tap Send

  • Sending Message will display

  Email Sending Message

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Marking a Message as Favorite

1. While viewing the voicemail options, tap More Options.

More Options
  • Options Display

2. Tap Mark as favorite.

Mark as Favorite
3. Voicemail has now been saved as a favorite, briefly displaying Message marked as favorite.
Favorite Message
4. Tap the Favorites Inbox, which is the Star icon at the bottom of the screen.
Tap Favorites
5. Tap to select the voicemail
6. Tap More Options.
  • You can delete the message or
  • Send an email

 Texting (SMS) from within Visual Voicemail

1. Tap the message to get the Message Options.
Tap Message
  • SMS/text/Message window displays

2. Tap the SMS option.


3. Texts can be sent the same as if SMS was accessed from the Messaging Application on the device.

Complete SMS, Press Send

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Possible Error Message

GCI has received reports of some customer seeing the error message below.  If you receive this error message, the possible solution is to select Exit on the error message to close the app. Then reopen the app to see if the problem corrects itself, by properly communicating with the server and completing  the install. If that fails. please contact GCI Technical support, for further support.
Possible Server Error