Support Topic: Wireless

Spring Cleaning Your Smartphone

While you’re dusting away the cobwebs and putting a sparkle on your home’s windows, why not do the same for your smartphone or tablet? With just a little effort, you’ll find yourself with a faster, easier-to-use device, which will help you get the maximum enjoyment from your investment…  Read more »

How Do I View My Usage

All of GCI’s products with usage, except Wireless voice minutes, are now available at one location, with your MyGCI login. GCI TurboZone complimentary usage is now displayed under Wireless usage.
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GCI GO Android FAQs

  What are the Android Phone requirements for watching GCI GO? Some content providers do not provide Android Apps. Click here to view the list of content providers and devices they support.   What are the Android Tablet requirements for watching GCI GO? Some content providers do not support Android Tablets. Click here to view  Read more »

How do I create/edit a MyGCI Profile?

Create a MyGCI Profile Create your MyGCI profile in five easy steps: Click on the Sign Up option on the login screen. A Create Your Profile screen will pop up and ask you for your birthdate.Please note: You have to be at least 13 to create your own MyGCI profile. If you’re not 13, your parent or  Read more »

GCI Usage Viewer App – iPhone

Steps on how to use GCI’s Usage Viewer app with an iPhone.  Read more »