Support Topic: iPhone

iOS 7 Update Information

Overview With the release of iOS for Apple iPhones 4 or greater, below is some information you may need. If you have enabled the Find My Phone feature, please turn this feature off if you need to return your device to GCI.   Enable / Disable Activation Lock Please follow the steps below, to enable  Read more »

iPhone 5 LTE Update

Apple and GCI send update allowing LTE data on GCI’s wireless network.  Read more »

GCI Usage Viewer App – iPhone

Steps on how to use GCI’s Usage Viewer app with an iPhone.  Read more »

Visual Voicemail – iPhone

Visual voicemail stores voicemail messages in audio files and allows customers to playback messages from a visual interface on their iPhone.
  Read more »

Apple iOS Email Setup

Apple iOS has a stock email application built-in called Mail…  Read more »