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How Do I Update Internet Explorer?

You can update Internet Explorer by downloading and installing it from Microsoft: Download Internet Explorer [Microsoft] Important: You should only update Internet Explorer from Microsoft. Several legitimate websites offer Internet Explorer downloads but many not-so-legitimate websites do as well. Your best bet is to update Internet Explorer directly from the browser’s developer – Microsoft. That’s  Read more »

Spring Cleaning Your Smartphone

While you’re dusting away the cobwebs and putting a sparkle on your home’s windows, why not do the same for your smartphone or tablet? With just a little effort, you’ll find yourself with a faster, easier-to-use device, which will help you get the maximum enjoyment from your investment…  Read more »


It’s hard to remember all those different passwords! Here are some tips to create unique passwords that are easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess.  Read more »

GCI GO Troubleshooting

  My video is choppy. What’s wrong? Choppy” or stuttering video playback is often caused by a slow internet connection. The video buffering cannot keep pace with the speed of the video playback, and as a result, the video playback stops so the buffering can catch up. Please note that a minimum bandwidth of 3  Read more »

GCI GO Available Devices & Channels

Sure, GCI GO is available on your computer or your laptop, but that’s not what makes it so special. When you sign up for GCI GO, you’re signing up for the option to watch your favorite shows from your favorite devices – smartphones, tablets and even game consoles – anywhere you have a secure Internet  Read more »


  What is GCI GO? GCI GO is unlimited access to TV anywhere you want, from any device. And it’s entirely free when you subscribe to GCI TV. How do I get GCI GO?  To start watching your favorite shows on the go, you simply need the following*: A GCI TV subscription Your MyGCI profile username  Read more »

MyGCI Profile Account Roles FAQs

What are Account Roles? When your MyGCI profile is associated with a GCI TV or Telecommunications account, your MyGCI profile has a role in relation to the account. You can be an “Account Owner,” an “Account Admin”, or a “Regular User.” What is an Account Owner? If you are an Account Owner, you can edit  Read more »

How Do I View My Usage

All of GCI’s products with usage, except Wireless voice minutes, are now available at one location, with your MyGCI login. GCI TurboZone complimentary usage is now displayed under Wireless usage.
  Read more »