Sierra Wireless 881U Settings

Installation and information about the Sierra Wireless 881U mobile broadband device – which was previously known as Xtreme Mobility.

Updating the Name and APN

1. Insert the Sierra AirCard into your computer

2. Launch 3G Watcher

3. Select the Cellular One USA Connection from the drop down

4. Click on Tools

5. Click Connections

6. Click Profiles

7. Click on Cellular One USA profile

8. Click on Profile Name

  • Note: You will not see GCI in the drop down box, click in the text box and type GCI.

9. Type GCI in the text box

10. Click on APN (Access Point Name)

11. Type web.gci in the text box

12. Click OK

13. You are returned to the 3G Watcher interface

14. Click Connect

  • Card is connecting

15. Card is connected.

Updating a connection already named GCI

If you already have a connection named GCI, and if the card is not connecting follow these steps to ensure the settings are correct.

1. Insert the Sierra AirCard into your computer

2. Launch 3G Watcher

3. Click on Tools

4.Click on Connections

5. Click on Profiled labeled GCI

6. Ensure APN (Access Point Name) is set to web.gci not to wap.gci. If not correct follow the steps below to change the APN settings

  • Click on APN (Access Point Name)
  • In the text box type web.gci
  • Click OK

7. You are returned to the 3G Watcher interface

8.. Click Connect

  • Card is connecting

9. Card is connected.

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Installation steps for Windows XP and Vista

Installation Steps

    1. Incert installation CD into laptop.
    2. As you go through the install steps you may need to authorize the change to your system with GCI Security Guard, or any other protection suite you may be running.
    1. TRU-Install continues to install
    1. 3G Watcher begins to install
    1. Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA)
    1. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement
    2. Click the Install button
    3. Program begins to install
    4. You will see a screen similar to
    1. You will continue to see a screen similar to
    1. Program finishes initial installation
    2. Click on the Finish button
    1. TRU-Install will start again
    1. You may see Security Guard Modification Warning, or other program warning depending on your Internet Security Suite Software Program.
    1. Click OK, or accept depending on your program. (If no warning, just continue installation)
    2. You should see a screen similar to the on below
    1. You should see the EDGE, this indicates you should have enough signal strength to connect.
    2. Click on the Connect button
    3. You need to create a profile, Click Yes
    1. Click on the drop down arrow next to Profile Name and select Cellular One USA from the list
    2. Leave the Username line blank
    3. Leave the Password line blank
    1. Click OK
    2. You should see the a message indicating 3G Watcher is connecting to the network.
    1. Select the location you will be connecting through: Home, Work or Public Location. (Microsoft VISTA Only)
  1. You should be connected to the Cellular network at this time, and on-line.
  2. You may perform a speedtest at

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