Season Pass

Never miss an episode of your favorite shows with a Season Pass. A Season Pass recording keeps track of a show that is part of a series! Custom entertainment, made by you. Once you set one up, TiVo will make sure to record the show every week – even if the scheduled day or time changes!

Once you find a show to record, you can easily schedule a Season Pass recording:

  1. After selecting a show to record, select “Get a Season Pass” on the information screen.
  2. Select “Options” to customize your Season Pass recording.
  3. Use the arrow keys on your remote to adjust each option as needed.
    • Want to keep all episodes in the series? Select “All episodes” from the “Keep at Most” choices.
    • Want to skip re-runs? Set “New only” as the “Record” option.

Your Season Pass recording is scheduled!

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