Novatel MiFi 2372 Settings

Information and Settings for a Mobile Broadband device. Mobile Broadband was previously known as Xtreme Mobility.

Connect to the MiFi

1. Ensure your wireless on your device is turned on.

2. Turn on the MiFi.

Note: Do not connect to your device using the USB cable. The USB cable is only used for firmware updates. You may have the power adaptor connected to the MiFi device.

3. Use your system to search (view) for wireless networks. (Each system is a little different, but the overall concept is to locate and connect to the MiFi device via your wireless connection.)

4. Connect to the MiFi2372 XXX device. (XXXX represents the last four digits of the MAC address of your device.)

5. You should now be connected wirelessly to the Mifi

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Connect to the Internet

1. Open a browser.

- GCI has discovered there are two different versions of this MiFi unit in production. GCI is not aware of any way to distinguish between the two versions. The only difference is:

- When opening a browser, you may or may not connect to the Internet. With the newer version where the first time you will see the End User License Agreement (EULA) displayed on step 4 below.  If you do see the EULA, GCI recommends securing the router as described below under the “Entering the Administration Screeds”.

- If you do not see the EULA, and see the screen displayed in step 2 below, please continue these steps.

2. Most likely your normal home page will not connect. You need to go to the landing page of the MiFi device to connect.

3. Type in the URL line.


4. Press Enter. The first time you are connecting you will see the End User License Agreement (EULA), you need to read and accept.


 5. Read the EULA (scroll down for the full EULA), then click the Yes, I accept button. (shown above)

6. You see the MiFi Landing page.

Mifi Page

Note: The Weather and Geosearch Widgets may not display your local area until you log in.

7. You should be able to surf the Internet at this time, however GCI recommends you customize your MiFi device to a secure setting in the administration screens.

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Access Point Connections

To change or add the web.gci access point connection

1. Log in as Administrator as demonstrated above. Note if you changed the default admin password you will need to use that new password. If you have not change the default password, it is admin

2. Click on the Administration Link, after logging in as Admin.

Logged In

3. Click on Internet then select Profiles from the dropdown list.


4. That will display a screen similar to this one.

Click Edit

5. Click on the Edit Internet Profile button, shown above.


6. The screen above displays the correct settings for GCI.The settings should be:

Profile Name: Profile 1

APN: web.gci

All other lines are left blank.

7. Click the Apply button. (If you were just viewing this page to check settings, and no changes were necessary, click Home.)

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To disconnect:

1. Go to the MiFi landing page (


2. Click on the Disconnect button, displayed above.

3. You are now disconnected from the MiFi device.

4. If no other users are connected to the MiFi, press the power button on the device, The light should go red, and then off.

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Administration Screens

1. After logging into the Mifi as shown above, click on the Login link on the Menu bar.


2. Enter the default password “admin

3. You will see that the Login link has change to Logout.

Logout Displayed

4. Click on Administration

You are now in the Administration screens.

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Administration Password

GCI recommends changing the system default password.

1. If not in the Administration Screens, log into the Administration section as shown in Entering the Administration screens.

2. Click on System then select Password from the dropdown list.


3. That will display:

Password Screen

4. Enter the following

Current Password: Enter the default password “admin

New Password: Enter your new password

Verify New Password: Reenter your new password


5. Press Apply, shown above.

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Security and Network Key

Passcode setup

1. Enter the Administration screens as demonstrated above.

Log in

2 Click on the WiFi link, and select Profiles from the dropdown list.

Wifi Link

3. That displays:

Open Source Profile

GCI recommends the following:

4. From the dropdown (displayed above), change Open to Secure.

Secure Profile

5. Click on the Edit WiFi Profile button, identified above

6. Adjust the following settings:

Network Name (SSID): GCI recommends you change this to a name of your choosing for your device. (Example: Joes Mifi)

802.11 Mode: Leave default – 802.11b + 80211.g

Channel: Leave default – Auto

Security: Use default of WPA2 Personal/PSK

Authentication: This will change after you select apply settings. You cannot make changes to this line item.

Network Key: MiFi device provides a network key. Either record this key or create a key of your own. This key is needed to allow devices to connect to your MiFi.

Update and click Apply

7. After completing the fields, Click Apply.

Click Apply

8. That will “save” your profile, and display your screen, click on Return to Profile List.

Click Return to Profile

9. From the Profile drop down list select Secure (change Open to Secure).

Change Open to Secure

10.  From the Secure Profile (will display your New SSID Name), click Apply.

Click Apply

11.  That will display a screen similar to one of the two displayed below.

Click OK


Click OK

12. Click OK, your current connection will be lost and you will need to reconnect to the MiFi Device, using the new network name (SSID) and password.

13. Connect to the Mifi device, using the new network name (SSID) and password.

Select the name (SSID) of the device you created from the wireless search list

Enter Network Key (passcode), new passcode you created

14. Open a browser and type in in the URL


15. You may need to click on the Connect button, after connecting the icon bar should resemble:


16. Refresh your browser and you should see the MiFi Landing page, with the Weather Geosearch Widgets should display your location.


17. At this point you should be able to surf the Internet. If you still cannot surf you will need to check the Access Point.

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SSID Broadcast Option

If you do not want to broadcast your SSID name, follow these steps. If you chose this option, you will not see your SSID on the wireless connection search screen and will need to manually enter the SSID to start to connect to the Mifi.

1. Click on the WiFi and then select Settings from the dropdown list.


2. That displays:

SSID Settings

3. Uncheck the box next to Broadcast Network Name (SSID)

Unchecked SSID

4. Press Apply.

5. If the SSID is not broadcasting, enter this screen and then check the box next to Broadcast Network Name (SSID), and then press Apply

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