Email Setup on your BlackBerry


Set Up New Account

These steps will demonstrate how to add a email to your BIS provisioned device.

1. Go to

2. Click on Create New Account

3. Read the Terms and conditions, Check the box next to I have read and understand the Legal Terms and Conditions, then press the I Agree button.

4. Enter the Device PIN and the Device IMEI

  • Note: Both the PIN and the IMEI are on the side of the Blackberry box. If the box is not available steps below provide how to get this information.
    • PIN and IMEI:
      • Turn on the phone
      • Select Options
      • Select Status
      • PIN and IMEI are available form the list

5. Press Continue

6. Create a Username and Password. This will be your log in for the BIS account, and is not your email account information.

7. Press Next

8. If the user name is already taken you will be prompted to select or enter a new username, and them press Next

9. To add an Email Address

  • Enter the Email address
  • Enter the password for the email address
  • Re-enter the password for the email address

10. Press Next

11. Press OK

Your BIS account is set up, and an email account added to the BIS account. You should receive mail on your BlackBerry.

Log into an Existing Account

1. Log on, go to

Log in Screen

2. Enter your User ID and Password.

log in

3. You are now in your BlackBerry Web Interface. This view displays the Email accounts you are using with your BlackBerry device. The email address of is our base account.

From this screen you can Add a new email, edit current emails, edit filters or delete an email from your device.

email account

Add a New Email Account to Your Device

1. Click on the Setup Account button

add email

2. That will display a screen similar to the one shown on the right.

email entry

3.Enter the new Email Address; then enter theemail Password in the Password and Confirm Password text boxes.

Press Next

add email

4. You will see an alert pop up informing you the account has been successfully added to your BlackBerry account,

Click OK


Edit an Existing Email account

1. Click on the Edit icon (picture) on the row with the email account you wish to edit.

edit email

2. Make changes as needed in the available fields.

Click Save

edit email

3. For email server settings click on the Advance tab


4. For GCI email address the information should be:

  • Server:
  • Port: 143
  • SSL: Not Checked (unchecked box)

Press Save if any changes are made

advanced settings


Filters allows you to set rules (like rules in Outlook /Outlook Express) on how and which messages are sent to the handheld device.

1. From the main screen click on the Filters icon (picture)


2. The default settings are shown on the screen shot. The default setting is When no filters apply, the Forward messages to handheldshould have the radio button selected.

filter default

3. Click on the Click here link to add a filter.

BlackBerrys are allowed up to four filters.

add filter

Please click on Help

filter help

Please read the information about filters, how they behave, how to create and set them up.

filter help


This area will allow you to change information about your handheld device.

Change Handheld: Allows you to update the handheld model.

change handheld

Password: Allows you to change the password for entering your account

Enter the Change Password
Enter the Confirm Password
Press Save


Service Books

Service Books: Allows you to send the Blackberry service books to your device. If you are having problems sending emails, or browsing the Internet, then send the service books to your device. These are also know as WAP and MMS settings.

Press on Send Service Books button

service books