How do I do a GCI Broadband Speed Test?

How to use GCI’s speed test Site.


Provides steps on how to use GCI’s speed test site.

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Steps to Use Site

How to use GCI’s Speed Test Site

1. Go to

Go to Speed Test Site

2. Click on the Begin Test button.

Press Begin Test

3. You will see a latency test, and the application will start running the download portion of the test.

Latency Test

4. You see the download portion of the test continue.

Down load test

5. You will see the download portion of the test complete, with a speed in the Download Column, and the upload test begin.

Upload test

6. You will see the Upload speed results in the Upload Column and then full test results under the speed test window.

Completed Speed Test

7. To test again, press the Restart Test button

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Important Information About Speed Test Results

Several factors my affect your measured speed at any particular point in time. These factors my include, but are not limited to, the capablity of the decive you’ve used to access th Internet, limitations of your Router / Wi-Fi Router, other equipment, and other network traffic happening on your Internet connect at the time the speed test was run.

Didn’t get the results you were expecting? Try these tips to improve your results:

  • Perform speed tests with your computer directly connected to your modem. Bypass any routers (including Wi-Fi), by connecting your computer directly to the cable modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • Use the computer with the fastest or most advance hardware and software in our houshold to perform speed tests.
  • Restart your computer and modem. Occasionally electronic equipment nees to be restared to function optimally. Follow these steps:
    • Shut down your computer
    • If using a cable modem, uplug the power connection from the back of the modem for about 10 seconds and plug the cord back in. The modem will take a few minutes to come back on line. You’ll know it’s online when the lights are solid green
    • Restart your computer
    • Perform a new speed test
  • Scan for and remove any viruses and /or spyware from your computer

What is a Speed Test?

In reality, a speed test measures the latency between your computer and the location of the speed test file, not the capacity of the connection. Speed and capacity are closely related, thus a speed test does provide a general idea of your Internet capacity. GCI believes that all of our customers have access to the full capacity they have selected.

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Abbreviations / Terms used on the  Speed Test Screen

Kbps Kb/sec – Kilobits per second

KBps or KB/sec – Kilobytes per second

Mbps or Mb/sec – Megabits per second

MBps or MB/sec – Megabytes per second

ms – Millisecond

Latency – Is an expression of how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another. Expressed in milliseconds.

Jitter -  The variation in the time between packets of data arriving, normally caused by network congestion, timming drift, or route changes. Expressed in milliseconds,

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