Franklin CDU-680

Macintosh Settings

Installation Steps

1. Insert the Franklin CDU-680 modem into a USB port on your laptop

Note: The drivers for this device are included on the device, no CD is needed.

2. Double-click on the icon labeled CDU680_UMSD, as displayed above.

3. Double-click on the folder labeled Mac, as displayed above.

4. Double-click on the folder labeled Modem Installer V160, as displayed above

5. Double-click on the Franklin Install…60.. icon

6. Press Continue

7. Press Install
Note: GCI recommends using the default location to store this program. If you wish to change the location of the program to be stored, press Change Install Location. These steps are not not displayed.

8. Press Continue Installation

Screen shot displaying installation progress

After installation process is finished, you will see a display similar to the one below.

10. Click Restart
Note: Your computer will restart, and upon restarting you will see.

11. Press Accept

12. Press Next

13. Enter the Activation Code: enter 000000 (6 Zeros)

14. Press Next

15. Enter the MDN and MIN;

  • MDN and MIN = Your 10 digit phone number (example: 907756XXXX)
  • Username and Password: Leave both fields blank

16. Press Next

17. Press Finish

18. Press Continue

19. Enter the username and password for your computer.
Note: This username and password is for your computer, which is a normal Macintosh requirement for installing new programs, not a username and password for the CDU 680 modem.

20. To Connect

20a. Click on the Signal icon, then select Network Preferences, click on CMOT…logies


20b. Click on the Phone icon, click on CMOTECH CDMA Technologies

21. Open a browser (Safari) and you should connect to the Internet.



1. Click on MAC Hard drive

2. Right click on the Application (CMOTECH CDMA Technologies)

3 Move application to trash.


Windows Settings

Installation Steps

1. Insert the Franklin 680U modem into a USB port on your laptop.

Note: The drivers for this device are included on the device, no CD is needed.

2. You will see a message on your system tray notifying you of new hardware found. Then you will see a new window similar to one of the screen shots below.


3. Click the Windows_2K_XP_Vista folder. Click on the folder which has your operating system. This following steps illustrate the steps for Windows XP or Vista.

4. Double-click on the folder labeled Franklin_CDU680_V#2.02_0…

5. Double-click on the Setup.exe icon (image).

6. You may see a screen showing the installation progress.

7. Once you see the following screen.

8. Click Next

9. Click in the circle next to the statement “I accept the terms of the license agreement”.

10. Click the Next button

11. Click the Next button. By clicking next you will accept the default folder installation (GCI Recommended). To change the folder destination, click on the change button. (steps not shown).

12. Ensure both items are checked, as displayed above and click Next.

13. Click the Install button.

You will see a series of screens displaying the installation.

14. When complete you will see a window similar to the one below.


15. Remove the Franklin USB Modem from your USB slot

16. GCI recommends restarting your computer at this time. Click the Finish button. Your computer will shutdown and restart.


Starting the application

This is the area you will use the most after installing the software on to your computer.

1. After the restart, you will see a new icon (image) on your desktop, similar to the one displayed below.

2. Insert the Franklin USB modem into a USB port on your computer.

3. Double-click on the Franklin CDU680DORA icon to start the application.


4. Then that will automatically go to the following window.

5. Click on the word GO

6. Then you will see

7. Click OK

8. You are now connected to the Internet.

  • The blue and green light on the modem will be flashing.
  • Opening a browser, you should be able to surf the Internet

9. To stop the connection

10. Click Stop

11. Then you will see the system is disconnected.

12. To close the Franklin Interface, click on the X in the top right hand corner.


Other Information Concerning operating your Modem

The icon in your system tray should be similar to the screen shot displayed below, when the modem is active. If the globe is orange, that is an indication the modem is in a Hibernation mode.

Note: On Windows Vista Operating Systems, you do not have the option to deselect the hibernation mode. Vista software “grays” out this option, so you can not change the hibernation option.

To remove the hibernation mode.

1. Click on Menu on the Franklin interface.

2. Click on the Settings link, then click on the Connection link option

3. That will display a Settings Dialog box.

4. Click on the General tab

5. To remove the Hibernation option, uncheck the Hibernation check box.

6. Click OK to return to the Franklin interface

Uninstalling the Application

To uninstall the application

1. Go to your control panel

Start | Control Panel

2. Double-click on Add or Remove Programs icon, as shown above

3. Locate and Highlight (click on) the CDU680DORA USB Modem line.

4. Click the Remove button

5. You have the opportunity to Modify, Repair or Remove the application.

6. Click in the circle next to the Remove all installed features

7. Click Next

8. The screen shot displayed above, is a safety message, ensuring you really desire to uninstall the application. Click Yes

9. After the program is finished, you must restart your computer to remove all of the information for this application.

10. Click the circle next to Yes to restart your computer at this time, or click the circle next No to restart later.

11. Click Finish